Kratom and PCOS: Can Kratom Correct Hormonal Imbalance?

Are you having problems with losing weight? How about your irregular menstruation?

In our society today, women are becoming more vocal about their PCOS journey and how they are overcoming every problem that comes with it. The online community has been showing their love and support for these women through different campaigns.

Online forums are also full of suggestions and recommendations that ladies are free to follow to help their fight against PCOS. As we go along with this topic, it is important to keep in mind that seeking help from professionals is the best way to go.

PCOS as a Woman’s Issue

Irregular menstruation and acne are some of the symptoms of a well-known condition called Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which only affects women usually during their late teens or early 20s.

These symptoms may also vary from one person to the other including severity.

Some may experience only irregular periods, while others may experience thinning of their hair or hair loss. What is the reason behind all these symptoms?

PCOS, as a condition, affects the hormones of a woman during her reproductive age. She produces more male hormones that are considered above the normal amount, which can be dangerous as this disorder can develop cysts inside the body.

Problems with Fertility

PCOS is one of the top reasons for infertility issues among women. Many discover that they have this condition after many attempts to conceive but always result in a negative result.

This is one of those heartbreaking moments for women especially those who are dreaming to build their own families and become mothers.

The ovulation process of women with PCOS fails as their female hormones are not enough, leading to irregular menstruation and infertility. Treatment for this is usually with some medications, but there is still no known cure for it, as of today.

Possible Risks in Life

Aside from having problems with fertility, women may also develop other health conditions later in life as PCOS increases the chance of becoming more vulnerable to illnesses.

For example, women with PCOS can most likely have type 2 diabetes which is a condition that has no cure and is fatal when left unmanaged. Having a high sugar level may also increase the risk of developing other illnesses.

Heart disease and stroke may also happen as a result of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Maintenance medicine is needed here which can damage your liver and other internal organs in the long run.

Women who have also been suffering absent or very irregular periods, such as having 3-4 periods every year, are likely to develop cancer of the womb lining (endometrial cancer).

Lastly, depression and mood swings can also be experienced as PCOS definitely affects one’s self-esteem, behavior, and confidence.

Treatment of PCOS

Treating PCOS depends on a lot of factors which include age, the severity of symptoms, and overall health condition. Your preference for getting pregnant in the future is also part of the long list of considerations.

Planning to get Pregnant in the Future

If you are planning to get pregnant in the future, your treatment options are changes in diet and lifestyle plus having more physical activities. Being more active helps you ovulate naturally and helps you become pregnant.

Taking medications to cause ovulation is also an option here as they help our ovaries in releasing eggs, but it should be noted that certain risks may happen. The chance for multiple pregnancies is increased here.

Ovarian hyperstimulation can also happen as ovaries will release too many hormones in the body. This can cause abdominal bloating and pelvic pains, among the list of possible symptoms.

No Plans of Becoming Pregnant

Treatment options here include using birth control pills which help control your menstrual cycle and improve your acne conditions by lowering your androgen levels. This is the most popular option among younger people.

Changing diet and having more physical activity can help with reducing PCOS symptoms like losing weight. Although it is not guaranteed, becoming more active and living a healthy life lowers blood glucose levels which help in ovulating.

Using diabetes medication is also an option to lower insulin resistance. This will slow hair growth in different parts of the body, reduce your androgen levels, and help you ovulate properly.

A New Approach to PCOS

Apart from these aforementioned treatments, there is another natural alternative out there that can help correct hormonal imbalance in women – kratom. PCOS, as a terrifying condition, will now soon meet its end.

Kratom is a plant, commonly found in Southeast Asian countries, that is known for its pain management properties. In most countries, Kratom is used also as an energy booster and supplement for those who are working all day.

Its modern and traditional use paved the way for its popularity not just among Asians but also in the western part of the globe. The last two decades enabled more Westerners to create products that utilize kratom and use it for their own benefit.

How can kratom correct hormonal imbalances?

Does kratom lower testosterone? As a herb, kratom balances hormones. Its fiber property plays a significant role in balancing and managing the number of hormones present in the body. It is known that Kratom affects testosterone levels by lowering it.

Real Feedback About the Use of Kratom

A case of a woman suffering from endometriosis and fibroids is a living testament to how kratom can be used to correct hormonal imbalances. Her two periods cover the whole month with 14 days each.

She first used birth control pills, but there were no significant changes in her condition. Trying kratom was one of the best decisions she ever made. Her periods got better and gaps between two periods increased to 15 days.

She initially used Kratom to relieve her period pains but was amazed by how it managed to help her hormone-related problems. Many people are also replying to the thread and sharing their own experiences.

Most are talking about how their period cramps lessened while the others highlighted how kratom improved their hormonal levels and made their menstruation more regular.

Kratom also helped women by stopping them from buying over-the-counter medicines which have negative effects on the body in the long run. Since kratom is all-natural, the risks are much lower compared to other medications.

Summing It All Up!

Trivia time! Males in Thailand chew 3-10 leaves of the kratom plant every day!

Because it is known to treat chemical imbalances, kratom is made into different products like capsules, leaves, tea, pellets, gums, and kratom extract powder.

Kratom is really beneficial as aside from having a smooth excretory system, it can also help remove toxic compounds from the body including old and unnecessary hormones.

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