What Is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that can help you reach your target market, connect with potential customers, and grow your business. But when is the best time to post on LinkedIn? And what types of posts work best? In this blog post, we’ll answer those questions and give you some tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business.

Key Points while looking for the Best Times to Post 

  • Days of a Week 

If you’re looking to maximize your LinkedIn engagement, Wednesday is the day to post. That’s according to research, which shows that people are most engaged in their work on Wednesdays and are therefore more likely to be active on LinkedIn. Thursdays and Tuesdays are also good days for LinkedIn engagement, while on Mondays as we as on Fridays these are the least engaged days. While on weekends it’s best to avoid posting then as well. 

  • During the Lunch Break

Lunch break can be a great time to check LinkedIn. Not only are you likely to find more Engagement during these times, but you can also take advantage of the down-time to catch up on industry news, post updates about your company, or connect with other professionals. Mornings and afternoons tend to be the most active times on LinkedIn, with a lull in Engagement around lunchtime. So, if you’re looking for a way to maximize your LinkedIn usage, consider taking a break at one of these times and see what kind of engagement you can generate!

  • Follow Time Zone for Best Results

If you’re a regional, national or global brand it’s important that your posts don’t go unseen because they could be penalized by an algorithm which tends not only reward but also enhance visibility of those who share more than once per day – this means scheduling events for different times zones in order make sure all potential audiences see what matters most!

  • Follow your target Audience 

When you’re looking for the times that is suitable posting on the LinkedIn, it’s important that not only do so at appropriate moments but also consider your audience. What type of content does this person like? When are they online and active compared with other times throughout their day or weekend? And finally- how will these changes impact my social media analytics data.

  • Don’t post frequently on a LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to build your business’ personal brand and interact with potential clients. The platform’s algorithm works in favor of you, so long as the content that pops up on their newsfeeds comes from many different sources rather than just one source or person posting frequently throughout each day! It’s best practice not publish more than twice per weekday when using this social media site because overdoing it will only harm what little success rate.

Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools can help you automate tasks like sending messages, connecting with new contacts, and sharing updates. This can save you a lot of time so that you can focus on other things. You check our guide here https://blog.closelyhq.com/linkedin-automation-tools/   

LinkedIn automation tools can also help you build relationships with potential customers and clients. They can also help you keep track of your LinkedIn activity and progress. LinkedIn automation tools are a great way to make the most out of LinkedIn and save time.


By following these simple steps, you will be able to post on LinkedIn at the best time for your business. Considering when your followers are most likely to be active and engaged can help you get the most out of your social media presence. What strategies will you put into place after reading this article? We’d love to hear from you!

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