The Key Features You Should Consider When Purchasing a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are the latest version of modern laptops. Different laptop manufacturers are now producing a wide variety of laptops models with versatile designs. Nowadays, the gamers of extreme level are looking for the perfect gaming Laptop that can support and fulfill all their needs for graphics, dimensions, memory and portability. Laptops are unique in terms of design. Depending on the necessity to play all the latest games the gamers are now tending forward to buying gaming laptops. As a hardcore gamer you need a high-end gaming laptop so that you can satisfy your needs and demands.

A gaming laptop is a powerful machine that can be used for playing video games. They come with high-end hardware that is perfect for gaming and offer great features that make playing video games more enjoyable. Some of the best gaming laptops include the best graphics cards, processors, and keyboards. They are also well-built machines that are designed to last. If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle intense video game sessions, then a gaming laptop is the perfect option for you.

1. Prioritize On The Portability

While choosing a gaming laptop portability is one of the toppest issues. If you will have to travel much you need a lighter gaming laptop so that you can carry it as you wish. In comparison to other ordinary laptops, gaming laptops are a little heavier. While you think to use it only at home or fluctuate between rooms in the similar building, a laptop that’s 17″-18″ wide, like the Alienware 17, would be a good choice.

On the other hand, laptops that are 13″-14″ wide offer the best portability, as they weigh less than 2.5 kg. and have a battery life of up to 7.5 hours. Some good examples in this category include the Alienware 13, the Razer Blade, and the Aorus X3 Plus V3.

2. Choose A Suitable GPU (Graphic Card)

Graphics card or Graphics Card or commonly called GPU is the basis of all gaming laptops because it processes and sends data to your display in the form of images. This procedure can be more cumbersome while playing games, and as such, a devoted GPU with memory, otherwise known as VRAM, is essential for gaming laptops.

You should take into account for purchasing a laptop with at least 4GB of VRAM. Most of the gaming laptops are usually filled with Nvidia GPUs. However, some brands allow AMD-loving gamers to configure the system as they see fit.

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3. Select Discrete Display

There’s no point in having wonderful graphics and smooth frame rates if your gaming notebook doesn’t possess a screen that can bring out those bright colors and beautiful scenery. Normally, in a gaming laptop there should be a dedicated display with 1920*1980 resolution. Lower than that, then your gaming experience will be greatly disrupted due to a less capable screen.

4. Choose Hard Drives As Per Needs

When it comes to gaming, speed matters a lot, and this would explain why most gamers prefer SSD Hard Drives. SSD Hard Drives offer lower and faster game loading times, which ultimately leads to a more leveraged gaming experience.

Consider buying a laptop with at least a 1TB hard drive running at 7200 rpm. If you can find a configuration between HDD and SSD, go for it, as this allows room for your game files as well as everything else you might want to fit into the laptop.

5. Keyboards

While the above components are very important, you shouldn’t forget about the keyboard either , as this is what you’ll actually be using with your two hands while playing. You have to make sure that your keyboard not only looks good, but also feels comfortable when you use it.

A good gaming laptop keyboard should have an adjustable backlight and should provide fast response. Razer’s Synapse 2.0 software allows you to get the perfect keyboard in combination with Razer hardware. The SteelSeries Engine and Alienware’s FX software also help make your keyboard more powerful.

What happens if you game on a non gaming laptop?

If you want you can enjoy gaming tunai4d a non gaming laptop but won’t be able to satisfy your demand. In this regard you will have to consider the types of games that you can play on low settings.

Can Intel i7 run games?

Yes, of course with Intel Core i7 you can run all the latest games according to your niches. For processore you can increase as much core as possible because it determines the functional process of your device.


Finally, compared to all the criteria above, one other criterion that is also very important is your budget. Many recommendations for laptops and components are mentioned above but adjust again to your budget. But remember that sometimes it’s worth spending a little more money if you really want to settle for a quality product. In Germany CLS Computer offers all types of amazing gaming notebook as per the needs and demands of the users at an affordable price.

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