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The “My Makeup Course” is an online makeup course for women who would like to learn how to apply makeup professionally for any occasion. Whether it’s for casual, work, party, wedding or any formal event, you will know exactly how to make yourself absolutely beautiful. The My Makeup Course includes beginner makeup tutorials such as “How to do Smokey Eyes” to advanced makeup videos such as “How to Apply Makeup on Mature Women”.

There are over 20 hours of step by step makeup training. You’ll exactly learn how to get the look you want for your workplace and any other occasion. The “Full Makeup Course” is an online makeup artist course for women and men who would like to become professional makeup artists. This makeup artistry course is the ideal alternative to traditional makeup schools. It includes beginner make up videos such as “Makeup Brushes That You Need” to advanced videos where you’ll exactly learn how to create stunning celebrity, bridal and photo shoot looks.

There are over 20 hours of step by step makeup training. The difference between the My Makeup Course and Full Makeup Course is that you can also complete our online examination and receive the University of Makeup Certificate. Take your 127 Blush Brush and dip it into a bronze blush color. Shake off any excess blush onto your hand or dab it slightly on the rim of the blush box. Ask your client to smile and apply the blush upwards in a straight line, beginning opposite of her nose and taking it upwards till the outside corners of her eyes.

Take the same brush and make circular movements over that line that you have drawn. This will ensure that there are no visible streaks on her cheeks. If too much blush color has been used, then you can take a foundation sponge and lightly swipe it over the applied blush color. Or you can dab your 126 Powder Brush into the HD Translucent Powder and lightly go over that area. Step 20: Take the nude lip liner pencil and begin to line her lips on the upper lip, taking the line outwards to the corners of her mouth.

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Do the same at her lower lip. Choose a shade that is the natural color of her lips or choose a shade that is the same as the lipstick that you are going to use. Step 21: Gently fill in your client’s lip with the lip liner pencil. Step 22: Take your powder sponge and lightly dip it into your HD Translucent Powder. The powder acts as a holding base for the lipstick, ensuring that it stays on longer.

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