Photo Shoot Makeup Look High Fashion

Take your Corrector Concealer Quad and apply the appropriate color over any areas that need coverage such as dark circles, red pimples, pigmentation or varicose veins. Make sure that you apply cover stick over your client’s eyes as well lucky77slot.

This will help the rest of her makeup to stick to the skin. *Green cover stick are used on any red areas such as pimples, varicose veins, etc. Purple cover stick is used on any yellow areas such as mpo999 marks and orange cover stick are used on any blue areas such as dark circles. If you just want to even out your skin tone, then it is best to use a concealer color in the 10 Color Concealer Palette that is 1-2 shades lighter than your normal skin tone.

Squeeze a bit of Liquid Foundation onto the Stainless Steel Mixing Palette. Take your 125 Foundation Brush/Spatula and gently mix the foundation on the Stainless Steel Mixing Palette before applying it to the skin. Begin at the one side of your client’s face and work your way to the other side musik4d. Make sure that you apply the foundation in downwards stroking movements.

If her neck color is hugely different than the color of her face, then you need to apply the same shade of foundation onto her neck as well. Take your HD Loose Translucent Powder and dip your 126 Powder Brush into it wayang88. Shake off the excess powder by gently dusting the powder brush on the top of your hand. Begin by pressing the powder onto your client’s face, working from her hairline downwards to her jaw line. Concentrate especially on the eyelids and the lips.

Lastly comment

The main purpose of the powder is to ensure that the eye shadow and lipstick stays on for longer. If you rather want to use a compact/pressed powder, then you can use your 126 Powder Brush or Powder Sponge to apply it

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