Is Mediation Good for Your Divorce?

A divorce involves multiple aspects to be aware of. One aspect that could help ease the divorce process is mediation. It usually consists of a mediator that hears out both sides of the situation. You should know that the statements or the mediation conversation are often recorded to present in front of the judge. 

While mediation will fasten the divorce verdict, you must know the pros and cons of mediation. If you need legal and skilled guidance, a Divorce lawyer in Houston might help you evaluate every step of the divorce; both legally and professionally. 

Pros of Divorce Mediation 

  • Child support or custody 

If the divorce involves the decision on child support and if both spouses disagree, a mediator will help resolve it. If you and your spouse keep opposing bearing child support, a mediator will help both of you evaluate what is best for the child and yourself. 

The same applies to child custody as well. A mediator would listen to the couple and keep the child’s interest at the core. One of the best pros of mediation is evaluating child custody without irrational steps. 

  • Alimony 

Many couples have faced many problems while evaluating alimony or spousal support. Even if one of the spouses does not earn, it creates a lot of stress over the other. To avoid any misconceptions or deciding the spousal support on your own might not be the best solution. Although, you could talk to a divorce lawyer in Houston to evaluate a rational outcome. 

On the other hand, a mediator would again decide the alimony support based on the income of both spouses. It will help in creating a balanced income for either spouse. 

  • Cost-effective 

Instead of rushing to the court and filing for divorce might lead the decision to source after months or years in some cases. Before filing for the divorce, it is essential to conclude on child support, distribution of assets, etc. Without considering these factors, it would lead someone to pay fees to the attorney and manage other related expenses.

Mediation would be in the best interest of both spouses. It would help conclude essential factors before anything goes to the court and ease the divorce verdict. 

Cons of Divorce Mediation

  • Expensive 

We did mention that mediation would save costs before rushing to the courthouse, but some couples find it expensive to bear. If not contacted the right mediator, prices could go even higher. If you are okay with paying for mediation before the divorce, you should go with it. And if you want to save as much as possible, mediation might not be the correct choice. 

  • Your defense 

A mediator would hear and come to a final decision by hearing both sides of the divorce. If you find it challenging to open up about your issues in the marriage, the mediator will bend more towards your spouse. In a nutshell, a mediator won’t defend your side. They would only rule out the outcome for both parties, whether either one is unhappy about it. 

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