Igor Burma: a success story from a chemistry teacher to a CEO of a major company

Ihor Burma was born on June 7, 1969, in Chernivtsi’s beautiful Western Ukrainian town. He is the youngest of many siblings. After completing high school (grades 1–5) in his hometown of Chernivtsi, he enrolled in the Chemistry Department at Chernivtsi National University in 1986. He left school to serve in the army from 1987 to 1989, where he quickly progressed through the ranks from private to deputy platoon commander and significant. Igor Burma served in the military and earned his degree with the highest honours in 1992. 

The 90s was a time to develop business. Igor Burma starts working at Mitsubishi motors.

Although he didn’t earn his degree until 1991, he began his career as a chemistry instructor in the area the year before. He left a lasting impression on both his instructors and their students. However, few people can look back on the 1990s with unqualified fondness.

That era was challenging for everyone. It was also a period of significant economic growth and prosperity. The young chemist Igor Burma was fully aware of this. Since salaries were being withheld and there were few opportunities in the teaching field, he made the difficult decision to leave it.

The young man’s next professional move was to become a manager at NIKO, an authorized distributor of Mitsubishi automobiles. All of Igor Leonidovich Burma’s talents were displayed at NIKO, and by the time he was 25 years old, he had been promoted to the position of general director and vice president. 

Igor Burma - Head of NIKO Holding for 25 years

The holding expanded fast and soon became a formidable player in the Ukrainian car industry. Under Igor Leonidovich’s direction, the Company joined the European Business Association and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, two prestigious organizations.

At 29, Igor Burma founded and is currently the firm’s managing member of “Ukrbrokservice” LLP. Among the several customs clearing services offered by the Company are:

  • customs clearance of import, export, and transit;
  • drawing up and legal support for international contracts;
  • documentary support of commodity cargoes;
  • solution of customs disputes;
  • contestation of illegal resolutions and decisions of customs organizations;
  • EUR1 certificate.

The business operates throughout Ukraine’s boundaries, serving customers of all ages and sizes. 

2000: stable movement 

Igor Burma’s life lacked dramatic twists or peaks and valleys. However, the businessman’s sterling reputation as a manager allowed him to not only start businesses from scratch but also rise to the position of leading extensive conglomerates. Therefore, he was promoted to the general director of “Premier Decor” in 2006 and ultimately became its CEO. The Company is a leading provider of high-end finishing products.

Igor Burma has led the “Trade Group” since 2016 as its General Director. The business is still actively supplying high-end construction supplies from Europe to Ukraine. During Igor Leonidovich’s tenure as CEO, the Company expanded from a single location to a multi-location trading powerhouse. Also, businesses pay a disproportionate share of regional taxes.

The businessman’s personal life is also secure: Igor Leonidovich Burma has been married for many years and is a doting father to three children. Although the businessman gives most of his time to his career, he does not neglect his loved ones. In addition, he is currently donating a sizeable portion of his Company’s profits to the Ukrainian military.

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