Currently, there are about 70 casinos in Germany. In many German casinos, the poker offer is particularly large and both tournament series and cash games are offered. The most common poker variant is, of course, Texas Hold’em. The smallest buy-ins for live tournaments often start at 20 or 50 euros and can rise to high roller level with 1,000 euros or more. In terms of poker variants, the casinos mainly offer Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, occasionally also Mixed Games and Stud.

While you can often participate in tournaments with a relatively low buy-in, the cash games in the casinos in this country require a relatively large budget. In most casinos, the blinds cost at least 2 to 4 euros and even if the minimum buy-in is almost always 100 euros, you should still being significantly more money to be competitive at the table. The 100-fold big blind is a good guideline. Given the relatively high blinds and buy-ins, the quality and experience of the opponents at cash games in many German casinos is also very high and you will encounter fish here only in the rarest cases. We therefore advise you to first play poker tournaments with relatively small buy-ins and thus gain initial experience at the live tables.

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Every poker player who wants to become a successful player and possibly even earn a living with poker one day should also gain real money experience at the live tables. Against really good opponents and for larger prize money sums, this is only possible in Germany in the casinos. Besides the already mentioned live atmosphere and the contact to casino employees as well as fellow players, playing poker in casinos has even more advantages.

The world-famous poker face only comes into play when playing live at casino tables. The poker face belongs to the so-called “tells” in poker, which allow possible conclusions about the opponent’s hand. In live poker, when you can observe your opponent and analyze their behavior at the table, tells are a much more important factor than in online poker. On you will find many more poker strategies and tips and tricks for your next casino visit.


The next stronghold is located on the western city limits of Hamburg. Casino Schenefeld belongs to Spielbank Schleswig-Holstein GmbH. The casino has existed since 1997 in Schenefeld, only about 15 minutes by car from the city of Hamburg. The complete program of a modern gaming house is available to the visitors: 6 American Roulette, 1 Black Jack, 2 Ultimate Poker and many other Poker tables (tournament & cash game).

In addition to daily poker tournaments, cash games can of course also be played at Casino Schenefeld. The cash game starts daily at 8 pm. Regular tournaments include events such as “Schenefeld goes Vegas”, “The German Poker Championship”, “The Monster Tour” or “The Schleswig-Holstein Championships”. In addition, the offshoot of the European Poker Tour (EPT) sponsored by PokerStars, the Eureka Poker Tour, was a guest at Casino Schenefeld in May 2023. Over 2,000 poker players took part in 14 different tournaments.

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