How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE Without Coaching?

Preparing for the NCHMCT exam needs rigorous practice and constant reading, and you may or may not require coaching to prepare. To begin your journey, you can start with knowing the detailed syllabus and exam pattern to cover all topics.

The NCHMCT JEE written exam has five sections, a detailed and planned section-wise preparation will enhance your knowledge for the exam. In this article we have discussed how to can preparare for the NCHMCT JEE exam without coaching.

Preparation Tips for NCHMCT JEE Exam- Subject Wise

The subject wise preparation tips for the NCHMCT JEE exam are mentioned below in this article.

English Language

This section comprises 60 questions. You can inculcate habits such as reading newspapers and magazines regularly, finding out new words and their meanings, underlining all difficult spellings you come across while reading any form of text that can help you polish your spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills.

You can also go back to your grammar books and learn the basic rules of subject-verb agreement and basic grammar taught at the school level so that you are ready to face tricky questions as well. Books for competitive exams, such as Word Power Made Easy, and High School English Grammar Composition by Wren and Martin can also provide various questions that could be asked in the exam.

You can visit BYJU’S Exam Prep for the preparation of NCHMCT JEE exam that provides you with a good number of study materials and resources that will help you to qualify the exam through self sturdy. Visit website of BYJU’S Exam Prep to know more!

Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude

This section has 30 questions and tests the candidate’s quantitative abilities and analytical skills. To excel in attempting maximum questions, you will need to go through the list of topics that the questions are based on, practice every day and make sure that you time yourself while solving to monitor your progress. Remember, since it is a timed exam, the best way to approach it is simple yet quick solving techniques

You can refer to the NCERT books of grades 9 and 10 to refresh learning and build a base. Common topics that are a part of competitive exams, such as simple and compound interest, percentages, ration-proportions, fractions and decimals, H.C.F and L.C.M, area and volume, profit and loss, percentages, averages, number system, time–speed-distance, and geometry will also be beneficial.

Reasoning and Logical Deductions

This section carries 30 marks. To add this segment to your skill-set, you can try solving various types of puzzles, syllogisms, directions and distance, statement conclusions, seating arrangements, linear arrangements, blood and family-related questions, and analytical reasoning.

General Knowledge and Current Events

This section carries 30 marks and tests your knowledge on static and current GK. You can read the newspaper regularly and make sure you cover all sections ranging from national news to science, entertainment and sports.

Attempting online GK questions, reading general knowledge magazines and making a note of the most important events taking place and their aftereffects (awards, declarations, dates, and themes) will help memorise these events.

Aptitude for Service Sector

This section of 50 marks tests the candidate’s interpersonal skills. Since it is a graded section, candidates must respond in a way they think will be most suitable as an answer. In this section, you will be given a situation to assess your judgement. Since the questions will be based on the hospitality sector, reading popular hospitality magazines like The Outlook Traveller, and Destination India can help you gather some knowledge.

The NCHMCT JEE Exam is the stepping stone to get into the hospitality industry. This national-level exam is conducted in the CBT mode. Though it may seem pressurised, the preparation can be done at home. With the help of BYJU’S Exam Prep and the plethora of resources it provides online, you can ace the preparation at home and excel in the exam!

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