How Do I Remove A Watermark From A Video Without It Being Blurry?

Watermarks are commonly put on videos to protect the copyright or they are created by the tool used to film and edit the videos. They usually don’t look good and make your video appear cheap and unprofessional.

There are ways to remove the watermark and to do it easily and without the video becoming blurry. Tools used for that purpose are easy to find and use and for the most part, you can do it for free.

Using the Remover Tool

The simplest way to remove video watermark is to use the tool that’s specifically made for that purpose. There are numerous such tools available online and there are plenty of reviews that you can use to compare and contrast them.

These tools are small and simple enough to use. They also can’t be used for anything else and if that’s the only alteration you want to make to the video such tools are the best way to go. Which one to use, depends on your software ecosystem as well numerous other considerations.

How The Tool is Used?

The tool is installed just like any other piece of software and you upload the video you want to alter into it. The next step is to simply select the part of the video that you want to remove (in this case the watermark). This is done via a crop and select tool.

Make sure that the watermark is out of the video and click the export button. This will remove it from the video. After that, you need to save the video as it is now and you have a video without the watermark.

Use the Video Editor Tool

This is a more complex way of doing things and the tools used to edit video are more complex as well. It can do much more than just remove the watermark. Video editors come in a lot of shapes and sizes and some of them require you to pay a subscription in order to use them.

Chances are that you wouldn’t need to do that if your only purpose is to remove the watermark. If that is just a part of the editing you plan to do, you’ll do well to get a professional video editing tool.

Which Editing Tool to Use?

There’s no one answer to this question and it depends on many factors. You should take into account how versatile you are with the tool you’re planning to use. The price of the tool should also be taken into account since it’s not always cheap.

You should also be honest about the abilities and performance of your computer since editing software can take a bit toll on them. It’s best to stick to the software you can manage then invest in improving your computer just to be able to use one more software tool.

Uploading VS Using Your Own Tool

There are also online services that can be used for this purpose. When using those you need to upload the video to a cloud and use the tool in your browsers. For the most part, these tools are free and they will get the job done for you, but they are not always the tools you would use on your own hard drive.

There’s also an issue of privacy since you need to upload the video to a cloud in order to use this sort of tool. If that concerns you, you may want to consider using one of the alternative options we’ve mentioned.

The Position of the Watermark

One of the most important features of a watermark, when it comes to how much it can blur the video – is its position on the screen. If the watermark covers a lot of complicated images with a full specter of color it can make it blurry or at least there’s more of a chance to do so when removed.

However, if the watermark is on the edge of the screen and covers a black surface, chances are that won’t happen. It depends on which tool has produced the watermark and what kind of tool you’re using to remove it.

Blurring the Watermark

There are also less sophisticated options for dealing with the watermark that work depending on its size and place. The watermark itself can be blurred so that it’s not recognizable and in some cases, that it’s not noticeable at all. This too works only if the watermark is small and on the edge of the screen. It also helps if it’s dark.

That can only be done with a video editing tool since a watermark removal tool doesn’t provide such an option. It’s relatively easy to do and there are tutorials available online.

Cropping the Video

This is another creative solution that can only work if the circumstances are right. If the video is of the right size and the watermark is placed on the edge of it, you can crop it out of the video by resizing it from all sides at once. This can somewhat alter the quality of the video, however.

This is usually an option if the video is small enough and the cropping won’t affect it too much. When that’s the case you can get a good result and there would be no blur whatsoever.

When You Should Do it?

Removing the watermark is the right way to go when you want to make sure your video looks clean and neat and there’s no sign as to which tools were used to make the video. It also helps with hiding if you’ve used videos produced by someone else.

It depends on who your audience is and what kind of tone you’re trying to convey with your videos. If you’re striving towards making your videos professional and serious – this is a good way to go. The tools to do so are easy enough to find and use and there are more than a few ways to accomplish a clean look.

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