How To Get Started To Play Online Poker Card Games In Malaysia?

It only takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master” That is just an old but simple way to describe online poker to newbies, so you don’t get too relaxed thinking it’s easy, or get yourself worked up because you feel you haven’t mastered the tricks after playing for so long.

No matter what your perception may be, we want you to know that poker is a very easy game. You just have one task if you want to be a part of the PROs…KNOW THE RULES.

People like Bryan Kenney, Daniel Colman, Elton Sang, Justin Bonomo,

Richard Young, Sam Trickett, Joe Cada, Jerry Yang, and so many others didn’t make it to the top in poker card games without putting in the work and sticking to the rules. In poker, these people have won a lot of money, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is.

As much as knowing the rules of a poker card game is important, also stating your intentions for playing and making it clear to yourself is more important.

Are you playing for recreation? Or for the love of gambling? Aside from that, do you want to earn money off of it?

you should be straight with your answer, it will help you a lot in the long run.

And the good thing is that whatever your intentions for playing may be, you no longer have to take a 3/4-hour drive to the casino to play poker, thanks to the introduction of Online poker card games. You may now play poker online at any time of day or night from the convenience of your own home. This idea is absolutely the best if you ask me.

You get to choose which gaming platform you want to sign up for membership, and you need to be careful when choosing a gaming site to avoid scams. Well, me88 online casino Malaysia is your go to gaming site for playing IDN Poker card games any time! any day!

me88 is the greatest Malaysian online casino you can ever find.

Now you know what your intentions are for playing poker online, and which gaming site to use. Let us quickly dive into some tips that will help you get started to play online poker card games in Malaysia.

        Know the different types of online poker card games.

Before you login to play your first online poker game you should know that poker has variations. This simply means there is no one defined way that was stipulated to play poker cards, there are many ways to play. And each of the variations have their different rules as well as basic strategy.

  •         We will start by listing the most popular forms of poker online card games which includes Texas Hold’em, it is the most popular amongst the poker variations, every poker site you come across like IDN Poker on me88 Malaysia will surely feature it.
  •         In this variant, players receive two down cards as their personal hand, then a round of betting follows after that.
  •         Omaha Hi/Lo is also another popular form of playing poker online, here each pot is split between two winning hands: the best ‘high’ hand and the best ‘low’ hand.
  •         Seven-Card Stud is played with two down cards and one up card dealt before the first betting round, after the final round of betting, the best five-card poker hands win this pot. In the Razz poker variant, the lowest hand wins the pot.

Other forms of online poker you can choose to play are: Lowball, Anaconda, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, HORSE, Chinese Poker, Five-Card draw, Stud Poker, Badugi, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, Community Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, California Lowball, Deuce To Seven Triple Draw, Caribbean Stud Poker, Six-Plus Hold’em, Open-face Chinese Poker, and Draw High.

Always remember Poker online hand rankings

This is another important part you should take note of before playing IDN Poker on me88 online casino. Know which hand loses to the other, know the best hands, and master the terms.

These are the poker hand ranking terms you should know:

  •         Royal Flush when your five cards are all in the same suit.
  •         Straight Flush – your five cards are in a sequence and all in the same suit.
  •         Four Of A Kind – here all four cards are of the same rank.
  •         Full House – also known as a ‘boat,’ you will have three of a kind with a pair.
  •         Flush – when you have any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence you have a flush.
  •         Straight – here you will have five cards in a sequence but not in the same suit. Like 9,8,7,6,5 cards are straight.
  •         Three of a kind – having three cards of the same rank.
  •         Two pair – the name says it all, it’s when you have two different pairs, and the fifth card is your kicker.
  •         One Pair – each suit has thirteen different cards, whenever you match two it’s a pair.
  •         High Card – when you haven’t made any of the hands above, your highest card plays. Like in a game when you have 3, J, 8, 4, 2 the Jack plays as the highest card.

Employ tight but strategic plans and stick to them

One thing any newbie to poker should take note of is the need for self-discipline at the table, if you don’t have that, winning is far from you. Don’t worry about being inexperienced when you play, everyone, including the professionals, had a start day.

These are some of the strategic plans you should know to get started to playing poker online:

  •         Always play within your bankroll.
  •         Make lots of valued bets.
  •         Understand button position.
  •         Make sure to always act in turn and not before your turn.
  •         Avoid playing too many poker tables as a newbie.
  •         Don’t play stakes that are way too high, we recommend starting small as a beginner and you can gradually increase your stakes with time,
  •         Also learn to invest in your knowledge, make out time to learn about poker, watch training videos and read books. They will help you master more strategies to win at the table.

In Conclusion

These beginner tips will help you get started to online poker, we made sure to keep things simple so anyone can understand the basics just by reading this guide. Besides that, claim your casino bonus and promotions up to 168% Welcome Bonus for every new joinn member.

me88 online casino Malaysia is sure ready to welcome you all onboard to play IDN Poker, the experience you get from them each time you play is magical.

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