How to care for lave stone jewelry

This article will show you how to care for your lava stone jewelry so you might have a lot of stone jewelry that you wear just because you like how it looks, you might have lava stone jewelry that you wear and you drop essential oils on to, diffuse your oils throughout the day and sometimes even a lava stone jewelry we have necklaces and all different kinds, but today I’m going to use these bracelets just as an example so we have a separate article that shows you exactly how to use your defuser bracelets for your lava stone.

Defusing your essential oils if you choose to use them that way if not then that’s totally fine they’re really super cute just to wear on their own and then today’s article we’re gonna talk about all about caring for this type of womens fashion jewelry so you want to make sure that you keep your lava stone jewelry in a really dry environment, don’t expose it to like any chemicals hairspray perfumes anything like that. If you do have essential oils that you’d like to drop directly on the lava stones that’s totally fine but make sure to keep it in a cool dry area.

I see people like stretch them out and put them on webvan,totally not the way to do it if you want your bracelet to last longer and you don’t want it to stretch out then make sure you make it a habit to roll them on and off, this will also make it last longer.

I have bracelets that I’ve worn for over a year so if you care for them correctly and you don’t put them through any like extreme stretching or anything like that they should not break okay so again make sure you roll them on and roll them off of your wrist.

The next tip that I have for caring for your lap stone jewelry is to not wear them in the bath the shower the pool try to avoid those things.

Once in a while when I jump in the shower or something like that but I try to make it a habit to take all my jewelry off before I get into the shower lava stone jewelry or any jewelry that I wear to just avoid any wear and tear, so make you aware of the different things that are going to wear and tear down your bracelet quicker then and we want you to get the most out of your jewelry and want it to last as long. 

Not wear your jewelry to sleep it might be tempting especially if you are using it for essential oils if you have essential oils on there that might calm you down or something like that I would recommend using those oils in your jewelry maybe 15-20 minutes before you go to bed and then taking your jewelry off before you actually hop into bed and sleep for the remainder of the night reason being it could stretch I could get caught on something who knows what we do when we’re asleep for a sleep night wordupmagazine.

If you’d like to use essential oils for you know calming down or sleeping through the night you can always use an at-home diffuser which is a great option I love to wear my bracelets around the

Home, yes but they’re mostly utilized for what I have to go out somewhere yar trip, this is super convenient because I can bring my oils with me but when I’m at ipick, most of the time I’m my oils and my diffuser again avoid wearing them to bed roll them on and off don’t take them into the shower the bath or anything like that and you should be all good so hopefully this helps you.

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