How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Truck Accident?

Collisions of small vehicles and large commercial trucks can lead to devastating consequences for both the vehicles and the people inside them. If you or your loved one suffer personal injury due to the callousness of a truck driver in Miami, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the trucking company, the driver, and any other negligent entity with the assistance of a Miami truck accident lawyer. These types of crashes result in more damage because of the size of the truck. As a result, it takes longer to settle these cases compared to the ones involving passenger vehicles. Today we are going to take a look at the different factors which affect your settlement’s timeline:

  •       The timeline for your settlement is going to be longer if determining the liability gets complicated. A professional lawyer will want to thoroughly examine the potential evidence to claim the maximum bases for liability. You can add inertia to this process by collecting as much evidence following the truck accident as possible. It is also necessary to maintain a systematic record of medical bills for your injuries.  
  •       It becomes extremely crucial to seek medical assistance even for seemingly small injuries after an accident. The extent of injuries you have suffered can be a deciding factor in determining how long it takes for claim settlement. It is not rare for personal injury cases to resolve after the complete recovery of the victim. Truck accidents induce greater injuries and damage requiring more time to resolve such a case.
  •       The insurance company will invariably try and delay matters by unnecessarily questioning legal issues even when the liability is crystal-clear from the very beginning. You can expect further delays if a disagreement arises among the numerous persons, vehicles, and insurance companies involved in the truck accident settlement case. A truck insurance company might try and dispute liability by stepping in to investigate a claim. These providers carry higher coverage compared to passenger vehicle drivers and the trucking companies will do everything in their power to protect their assets. It is not rare for these trucking companies to avoid paying what they owe you or shift the blame to another driver even when he was not at fault. Insurance companies often offer small initial settlements with the hope to avoid bigger pay-outs. While this money can seem very tempting, accepting such an offer can leave you at a bigger loss in the long run.


Road accidents can happen in a blink of an eye but investigating the accident, recovering from the injury, dealing with the insurance company, or coming to a settlement is pretty time taking. No two accidents are similar to each other and the exact timeline of your lawsuit will be determined by the specific details of your case. It can take anything from a few months to more than a year to settle your case. As a rule of thumb, the period is longer if the damages inflicted on the property or sustained by people are more extensive. 

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