Hiring personal injury lawyers in New Hampshire: Factors that matter

Suffering injuries because of someone’s disregard for safety is traumatizing enough. If you want to sue the other party for their negligence in New Hampshire, you may also have a long legal battle ahead. There’s no denying that personal injury law is intricate. It is not easy to show evidence and prove fault, and since you are the claimant, the burden of proof is on you. If you are hiring a personal injury lawyer in New Hampshire for the first time, you may have your doubts. We have enlisted a few factors that matter for selecting an attorney. 

Look for the right kind of experience

Like doctors, lawyers also have their areas of expertise and specialization. For example, you wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon for your kidney concerns. Similarly, you cannot choose an attorney because they are accessible or available. Instead, you should check if they specialize in personal injury and have worked on similar cases. Personal injury law covers a wide range of cases, including medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, auto accidents, and dog bites. Find an attorney who has handled cases and claims that are comparable to yours. 

Ask about trial experience 

Most personal injury cases in New Hampshire don’t end up in court. A trial is an expensive option, not merely for the defendant but also for the claimant. While many attorneys have experience negotiating claims and settlements, they may not have the expertise and exposure to help clients in court. Trial experience is often rare, and not many attorneys can boast of that. However, in the real world, you can never predict how the case may shape up, and it is wise to hire a lawyer who can battle it out in court if needed. 

Discuss the fee and expenses

Typically, injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. In other words, they only get paid if the client wins. Personal injury lawyers can charge anywhere between 20% to 40% of the settlement as their fee. Experienced attorneys tend to charge more, but 40% is usually the threshold. Also, there could be other costs related to the case. You may want to ask the attorney about that aspect in advance. For instance, if the lawyer needs to pay for the investigation, they can initially help with the expenses, but you are eventually liable. 

Do check reviews of local lawyers before you hire them for your personal injury case, and don’t forget to ask for references.

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