Gig Harbor divorce: Do you need a child support attorney?

Divorce is never an easy topic, but unfortunately, some marriages are not forever. You must contemplate many things before filing for divorce in Gig Harbor. Some of the key aspects include distribution of assets, child custody, and child support. Washington laws do not use terms like “child custody” or “visitation”. Instead, everything is included in the parenting plan. Couples can choose to discuss and propose their joint parenting plan in court, and if two parents cannot agree on key aspects, they can submit individual parenting plans based on their wishes. Although that is not mandatory by law, you may benefit from hiring a Gig Harbor child support attorney. Skilled family lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you on the case, and in this post, we are sharing more on why you need an attorney specifically for child support. 

Understanding the process

A parenting plan cannot be enforced in Washington unless it becomes a court order. As we mentioned, both parents can decide about child support and child custody and submit a plan to the court. Custody rights and visitation schedules are decided after considering the best interests of the child. If the child is over 12 years of age, their wish will be determining factor too. Child support is different and is largely dependent on the income of both parents. 

Each case of child support and child custody is different. An attorney can explain the legal issues and offer a fair overview of what you can expect from the case. Lawyers can also evaluate the merits of your case and share advice on how to take things ahead for a fair outcome. 

Negotiation and mediation

When spouses fight over divorce and separation, they often lack the objectivity to make sensible decisions. Eventually, you should be looking at the best interests of the child. While child support could impact your finances, you should not be blind to the child’s needs. If the separating parents cannot agree to these aspects, their respective lawyers can mediate and negotiate on their behalf. If the battle eventually ends up in court, they can represent their clients and protect their rights. 

The good news is you can find reliable child support attorneys in Washington, especially in and around Gig Harbor. Ask questions when you meet a lawyer and share your expectations concerning child support and custody. Your lawyer will do their best to protect your interests. 

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