When we look at ourselves, there are certain aesthetic goals that we have in mind. Especially when it comes to the way that we look. For that, we eat clean, work out and have a good skincare regime in place. We all know that is not always enough. There are times, we need a little bit of extra help and that is when plastic surgery comes into the picture. The various procedures can help to target the concerns we have. Sometimes we don’t know which facial plastic surgery Toronto to opt for. Each surgery targets a specific concern. Various surgeries are available. We are here to tell you about the popular treatments and the concerns they can seamlessly target. This will help you to make an informed decision.


It is a meticulous treatment that has been designed to target the signs of ageing from the forehead to the neck. It works by tightening the underlying muscles and leaving you with smooth and youthful skin. Facelift treatment is customised as per the anatomy and requirements of the patient. It can effectively address loose and lax skin that is present around the face, jowls and neck. As it works with the underlying muscles a facelift can help you achieve long-lasting results. It can definitely take years off your face. Before considering this treatment, it is crucial to have realistic expectations.


Also known as eyelid surgery, this plastic surgery removes the excess skin from the upper eyelids and targets the undereye bags. It is a great option for those who want an open-eye look. Sagging eyelids can make one look tired, even when they aren’t. The eyes are considered to be the windows of the soul. It is the eyes that get impacted first by the signs of ageing. Often younger people also choose to undergo this procedure due to the presence of lower eye bags. One can choose to undergo an eyelid surgery on both the upper and lower eyelid or just one.

Chin Implant

The delicate balance of the face rests on the chin. When it is weak or recessed, it can impact the symmetry. The ideal way to target this is by undergoing a chin implant. It can help achieve the more balanced facial structure that you’ve always hoped for.


A nose job or Rhinoplasty is undoubtedly the most popular facial plastic surgery. The nose is the central focus of the face, and primary rhinoplasty helps you to achieve your facial aesthetic goal. It can also fix functional concerns like a deviated septum. A rhinoplasty procedure is tailored as per the requirement of the patient.

Revision Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is considered revision when the patient has already gone through a rhinoplasty surgery before. They can choose to undergo this procedure for various reasons. It could be that they don’t like the results or want additional changes, or the previous one was poorly done. Revision rhinoplasty can improve the results of primary rhinoplasty. However, there should be a gap of at least one year between both surgeries.

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