Breast Implant Toronto has been a popular procedure for a longest time. It has helped so many women achieve the body goals they’ve always dreamt of. There are times when women choose to undergo a replacement procedure. This could be to replace them with new ones or simply do away with them. With time, the aesthetic goals also change. If breast implant replacement is something you’ve been thinking about, you might find yourself being unsure about it. We are here to help you understand the basics of breast implant replacement so you can take the step of booking a consultation today.

How is breast implant replacement surgery performed?

The surgery is customized as per the requirements of the patient. The time and technique vary according to it. If there is an implant switch it takes about two hours. In case it is paired up with a breast lift, which lifts and reshapes the breasts, the procedure time increases. Various techniques are used for replacing the implant. The incisions taraftarium24 for removing and placing the new implants will be the same as the original incision or in the natural crease, the inframammary fold (IMF). Incisions are made here to provide the surgeon with the best visibility and access. After the incisions have healed, they are usually well-hidden and faint.

When the surgeon uses En bloc implant removal, the implant and surrounding scar tissue are removed in one piece. Where the undesired, tightened scar tissue has formed, the surgeon will remove the thing in one go. Capuslotomy is another approach in which the surgeon simply opens the pocket to create space for the free movement of the new implant. When the surgeon makes use of the capsulorrhapy approach, the size of the implant pocket is reduced to allow the breasts to move back into the ideal position.

When should I consider breast implant replacement?

You might think that the breast implant comes with an expiry date. In fact, the implants are good to go as long as they are intact and not giving rise to problems or discomfort. One can choose to undergo this procedure to increase or decrease the size and projection of the breast. You can replace the previous implant with a newer generation one. If you want contoured breasts, you can pair implant exchange with a breast lift. Implant replacement can be considered to change the position or change them from saline to silicone or silicone to saline. If there has been an implant rupture, you need to undergo implant replacement surgery as soon as possible.

Book a consultation today

Deciding to undergo any cosmetic surgery is never an easy decision. Undergoing a consultation can make the process much easier. You can speak your mind with the surgeon, share your aesthetic goals and raise your concerns. This will help you gauge the clarity you require. The surgeon will educate you about the implant procedure and help to determine whether it is the right choice. Consultation can make it easier to take the decision.

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