Don’t miss these steps after Los Angeles car accident

Though unfortunate and often preventable, car accidents are not rare in Los Angeles. In fact, a considerable number of fatal accidents in California are reported from LA. After the crash, you have to overcome the immediate shock and take appropriate steps to protect your interests. If the other driver was at fault, you could seek compensation for your injuries. Consulting one of the top car accident attorneys Los Angeles can help in many ways. Below are some steps you need to follow without a miss. 

  1. Call 911. If you (or another passenger or driver) have sustained serious injuries that demand medical attention, call 911 immediately and share important details. You should not try to move someone who is critically injured, especially when you are not trained. See an injury doctor later if you didn’t get medical assistance at the accident scene. 
  2. Call the police. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from doing that. Call the local police and don’t leave the scene unless someone from the law enforcement department comes to the scene. Waiting at the accident site is actually a wise idea, especially if someone was injured or killed. 
  3. Exchange key details. You don’t need to confront the other driver after the accident or admit fault to the police. However, get back your composure and talk to the other driver to exchange contact and insurance details. Keep in mind that key details do matter for proving your claim. 
  4. Get photos. Take as many photos of the accident site as you can. Consider taking videos and images of your injuries and damaged vehicles, as long as you are physically okay and capable of doing so. The evidence can be handy for your investigation and eventual lawsuit. 
  5. Contact an attorney. Not all accident claims require an attorney, but get an attorney if you think that your damages are likely to go beyond $10,000. Losses like medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair bills can pile up in no time, and you need a lawyer who can evaluate the claim and put a dollar value on the case. 
  6. Inform your insurer. It would help if you considered informing your insurer within a short time after the accident. Be very vague and don’t admit to your fault (if any), but let them know the key details. You don’t have to give a statement until you talk to your lawyer. 

Check online and find a lawyer now for your LA auto accident claim. 

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