Different types of freight services

There are a number of different types of freight services, depending on what kind of goods you are transporting and where they are being delivered.

The most common types of freight services include:

Road freight transport – Road freight is the movement of goods by road. Road freight transport is carried out by the use of trucks, trailers, and cars that use public roads to transport goods from their point of origin to their destination. Road freight may also be called trucking or less specifically “freight transport” or “freight transportation”, though it is sometimes used as a synonym for commercial shipping.

The largest portion of global trade is transported by road, with an average value of 1/3 for interregional, 1/4 for intraregional and 1/5 for international transport[2][3]. The total number of motorized road vehicles in service in 2015 was estimated at about 1.4 billion.[4] In 2004 there were about 8 million commercial buses in operation worldwide.

Rail haulage – rail transport is another form of road haulage, but it is slower and more expensive than road transport. Railways were originally designed as a passenger service, but they can also carry goods in containers on their trains when they perform their primary function as passenger carriers. Railways are used to move bulk materials such as coal, ore and grain. Railways have been used since the first century BC. They are widely used in Europe and Asia. They can carry bulk cargo at relatively low cost and provide fast delivery times compared to road or sea freight; however they are not suitable for carrying passengers or smaller items. Railways also have high energy costs per ton-mile (1 km) due to friction losses

Air freight – air freight allows businesses to deliver goods quickly and cost-effectively around the world. Airfreight services are available from many locations across the globe, making them ideal for companies that have customers in different parts of the world or who need their products delivered quickly to customers in other countries. Airfreight shipments are sent via air transportation either directly between two points (direct airfreight) or through an intermediate point (indirect airfreight). The delivery method and carrier used depends on what’s most convenient for your business.


Sea freight is a mode of transportation in which goods are transported by sea. Sea freight may be carried out on ocean-going ships or, more commonly, by inland waterways, rivers, or lakes. It is a major mode of long-distance transport. It involves the shipping of goods. The term also refers to freight services between continents as opposed to services involving local delivery via terrestrial routes. You can contact https://www.malogistics.com/ for more information.

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