Best Priced Designer Dog Clothes and Dog Rain Jackets in Australia

Are you a fashion-conscious dog owner struggling to find the right clothing for your pet? If yes, then you have landed at the right place where you can find an all-new wardrobe to treat your pooch. At The Paw, we have a large selection of beautifully designed dog clothes and rain jackets to keep your pet comfortable and secure in all weather conditions. With a vast collection of designer dog clothes and rain jackets, we are among the best in Australia in providing high-end dog clothes.

Wide Selection of Dog Clothing 

Every pet is different in size, color, and appearance, as such they need customized designs that perfectly suit their body. With The Paw, being a pioneer in making dog clothes, we offer a wide range of dog clothes whether it is harnesses, dog hoodies, designer dog winter jackets, dog sweaters, collar and bowtie sets, or rain jackets. It is a one-stop destination for dog lovers, who want their pet to look fashionable, stylish, and classy, with all comfort and convenience.

Stylish Dog Bow Ties

Adore your pup with beautifully designed bow ties that make them look cute and elegant. With the perfect color combination, design and pattern, we offer trendy and modish bow ties for your dogs to make your occasion or a themed photoshoot a special one.  The best of our collection include a Jasper collar and bowtie set and a Lulu Bow Tie set.

Winter Jackets

Designed with the best quality fabrics, we offer stylish winter clothes that protect your pup from cold temperatures. Equipped with the feature of water resistance, we have a wide collection of winter jackets with unique designs and colors that suit all breeds of dogs, with different body sizes and hair lengths.

Dog Rain Jackets

When it’s raining you would probably not like that your dog spread smelly water all around on the floor when you return from a walk. You would prefer to don your pet with a rain jacket that keeps it dry while you take it for a walk. Sloane Rain Jacket Navy, Sloane Rain Jacket Blush, and Sloane Rain Jacket Lemon are among some of the top-rated rain jackets by The Paw, that ensure your pet a happy winter.

Full Coverage From Rain

Old-styled dog rain jackets do not give full protection from rain to pets as their legs and underbelly remain uncovered. But now you need not worry about it, as our dog rain jackets, stitched with high-quality material, keeps your pet dry and prevents them from water and dirt. The uniquely designed high collar jackets prevent water from entering the jackets. 

High-End Fabric

A rain jacket with flimsy fasteners makes it difficult for a dog owner to connect a leash, and you need to adjust the jacket and leash again and again. We understand your problem better, and use non-flimsy fabric, making it easy for door owners to take a walk with their pets during the rainy season.

Comfort and Convenience 

You can spot your pet even in the dark with reflectors attached to the collar and rear leg of these rain jackets. Built with soft fabric it gives a cushioning feeling to your pooch, preventing any sort of rashes and irritation. The Paw’s beautifully crafted rain jackets make your pets look fashion-forward even during rainy walkies. 

Final words

You can choose best priced cloths and rain jackets for you dog with us. Log on to to explore unlimited varieties of dog cloths and rain jackets that best suits your pet for any season and budget. 

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