5 reasons to consult an employment lawyer in Lambertville

Most people spend a significant part of their lives in their offices and workplaces. Your relationship with your employer evolves and changes with time. Workplace conflicts can happen, and as an employee, you have certain rights and must speak up in certain circumstances. When is it time to hire an employment lawyer in Lambertville? We have enlisted five reasons why you may need an attorney. 

  1. You have suffered discrimination at work. State laws of New Jersey and federal laws prohibit discrimination at work based on grounds like race, religion, disability, age, sex, and national origin. If you have suffered discrimination at work, where you have been denied opportunities, or were treated differently because of these factors, you should consult an attorney. An employment lawyer can offer an overview of your case and determine whether you have a valid discrimination claim. 
  2. You were denied benefits. If your employer has denied benefits that were your rights as an employee, you should hire an employment attorney. Employers often adhere to fair practices, primarily to save money. 
  3. You were punished as a whistleblower. Did you expose your employer for misconduct or unfair practices? Did you suffer retaliation because you complained against a supervisor? Things are rarely simple or easy for whistleblowers, and if you believe that you have suffered retaliation in any form, talk to an employment attorney without any delay. 
  4. You were wrongfully terminated. Wrongful termination is unlawful and should be reported. If you were terminated from the job because of your age, sexual orientation, religion, or other factors that are ethical, you should speak to an attorney about your rights. Your lawyer can help take legal action when possible. 
  5. You are joining a new company. It is a common myth that an employee needs an employment attorney only when in trouble. While attorneys do frequently work with employees who have suffered injustice or discrimination at work, they can also help you understand and evaluate your employment contract. If you are joining a new company and want to understand your contract better, talk to an employment attorney. 

Finding a lawyer in Lambertville is easy when you look for the right details. You need a lawyer who specializes in employment law and has been practicing in Lambertville for a considerable time. Make sure that the attorney doesn’t have a conflict of interest and has worked on similar employment-related matters in the past. 

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