3 Exclusive Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Account To Maximize Your Reach

Instagram has emerged as the most popular platform with over one billion active monthly users and is becoming more popular than the social media giants like LinkedIn and Twitter. But, the number is increasing daily as startups, small-scale businesses, and brands have joined the race. People are now getting more lucrative offers on this social media platform rather than on the websites of the giant eCommerce stores.

Most influencers are also on Instagram to popularize brands and reach out to the masses to make people aware of certain products. Now, these products can be make-up products, clothing, spices, toys, and even sport betting and online casino businesses joining platforms to promote their services. However, promotion of products can only be done if your profile is visible to the people. You need to SEO optimize your Instagram account to increase your organic reach. Apart from that, there are many other ways to optimize your account.

Primary Keyword In Username

You need to optimize the app using the right keywords to show up on the Instagram search bar. Instagram has a self-contained Search Engine that helps people find products/services or even individuals. Like, if you are selling fashion accessories in your display name or @Username, put up the word fashion accessories to top the lists. Similarly, people selling bakery products, protein bars, vegan products, etc., can do the same.

However, the secondary keywords describing your business specialty must appear in your Bio. If you are selling bracelets, earrings, rings, etc., it must appear in Bio with your full address or business site direct link.

Spice Up Your Instagram #Hashtag Game

#Hashtags are an essential part of any business and individuals who want to appear on the top of the lists on Instagram. You can say these are like keywords that let people find you. It helps increase user engagement, assists in attracting more followers, and leads to more customer conversion. Place proper keywords to reach out to millions of users on Instagram. Like, if you are a tattoo artist, then use the #hashtag #tattoo, and if you specialize in a particular type of tattoo, then put up #flowertattoo or #animaltattoos, and much more.

Posting at the Right Time

Every year, the trends keep on changing, so you need to be extra careful to post your Instagram posts at the right time. It will help you gain engagement, likes, and followers too. Analyze when your audiences are deeply engaged in checking their Instagram accounts. More people are engaged online on Tuesday and Friday if you watch out carefully. The time mostly varies between morning 8 a.m. to evening 6 p.m. Sunday gains little traction because most people are gearing up for catering to Monday blues. So, schedule your posts accordingly and even live stories too.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has made its own space among users worldwide. Now, it can be sharing business information or just memes. You need to speed up your Instagram game by optimizing your account with the right keywords, phrases, and hashtags. SEO optimization helps you gain more followers and likes.

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