Zorb balls are safe: Safety tips to learn in 2022

Zorbing is becoming popular in 2022. People are becoming crazy about zorbing. With many people getting into the sport, there are many people asking if zorbing is safe.

Yes, there are no dangers associated with zorbing. However, people should be aware of the safety methods associated with zorbing, this article aims to educate people about the safety tips related to zorbing.

Is the zorb ball dangerous?

The zorb ball itself is not dangerous. It is a very fun and totally safe sport for everyone. There is a decent amount of coverage and cushioning on the inner walls of the Zorb ball. However, it is enough to protect the person inside the Zorb ball in case of a severe collision. 

Choosing a high-quality ball that offers adequate cushioning and protection is necessary.

Safety tips

Here are some safety tips that can make your zorbing experience safer and less dangerous.

1. Fill up the ball precisely

Use the recommended levels of air inside the zorb ball. This will ensure that the ball rolls on smoothly. It also significantly reduces the chances of any wobbling, and your ball is less likely to go off-trail or get stuck at any spot. Use the right pump/tools and fill the ball with the recommended air pressure.

2. Take off your jewelry and mobile phones

When you are inside the hamster ball, moving fast, any sharp objects are an imminent threat to your safety. If something cuts against the ball, it can get damaged from the inside or harm/cut your skin. Your mobile phones are also expensive pieces of technology; even a little damage can break the screen glass. Hence, it is advised to keep anything expensive or harmful outside the zorbing ball.

3. Make sure that the ball is clean from the inside

The next safety tip recommends cleaning up the ball from the inside and looking for any small particles that can hurt you while zorbing. A simple tip is to run your hand on the inner surface and throw the particles outside. Sometimes the dirt from the shoes also gets stuck inside the ball; it can get in the eyes when you are zorbing next time. You can also run a wet cloth inside the zorbing ball; just a few swipes will ensure that the ball is safe.

4. Choose the ground carefully

Zorbing balls are durable and tough. However, they can not handle high levels of abuse. Do not take your zorbing balls to rough, rocky surfaces. It would help if you also considered staying away from any surface with sharp pointy objects because these can easily cut through your bubble ball quickly and hurt you. Grass grounds should also be free of any stones or sharp glass/thorns.

5. Stay away from heights

Heights such as the edge of cliffs can prove dangerous for zorbing. In 2013, two men died in a Russian ski resort when they took out their zorbing ball and veered over the edge of a mountain.

6. Harnesses

The seat belts or harnesses inside the rolling balls offer substantial safety. Make sure to tie the harnesses before you start zorbing.

7. Learn before you show off

There is no shame in learning something before you start doing it. Feel free to ask for any suggestions from your friends or the people who know zorbing. Start at a slower pace and gradually try different things.

8. Dry zorbing safety

Most common form of zorbing is dry zorbing. In these balls there are handles and knobs for both feet and hands of the person inside the ball. This feature ensures that the person stays in position. One of the most important things to do when going for zorbing is to check if the strap is properly installed in the ball and that it is surrounded by them.

Another very important thing that can be taken into consideration when you go to the garden zorbing is that this type of ride is designed simultaneously for two people. These balls are equipped with two opposing passenger seats. It is important that both seats are occupied for a smooth ride. When only one passenger participates and buckles, a geometric imbalance occurs in the sphere, and when the ball rolls down a hill, it behaves like a flat tire, bounces unevenly, and bounces around. Hence, ensure that balance is achieved in dry zorbing.

For both types of Zorb, another factor directly related to safety is whether the ball is properly inflated. Use an electric pump to inflate the ball with the right amount of air to allow smooth movement downhill. Insufficient expansion of the ball will result in poor trajectory and allow the ball to guide naturally.

9. Water zorbing safety

If you choose a water zorb, your safety precautions will be slightly different. If you are doing a water zorb with a regular zorb ball, do not worry. The ball floats on the water, so you can run safely, fall into the water, and do whatever you want. There are even records of people trying to cross the entire ocean with these inflatable balls without incident. So, it is safe.

On the other hand, there are some things to consider when doing a water zorb with a single-layer water polo. These balls are first filled with air and sealed with a zipper. It should be noted that the air flow in the ball is restricted. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing any of these balls.

What is the best place to buy a safe zorbing ball?

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Kameymall has a large variety of zorbing balls as well. Hence, make sure to buy the ball that fits your zorbing needs.


Zorbing is a risky activity. Our article mentions some useful tips that will significantly reduce the associated risk factor of zorbing. Head over to Kameymall to buy a zorbing ball right now. Stay Safe!

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