Why Sonkly is the Best Beauty Bed Manufacturers Company?

Why Sonkly is the best Beauty Bed Manufacturers? Is fast shipping and delivery a priority? Or should you go to a different website? This article aims to answer those questions and more. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the advantages of buying from Sonkly. I hope this article was useful. I wish you good luck in making your choice!

Many beauty salons and women’s clubs have Beauty Beds as common furniture. These beds have unique structures that accommodate body angles and orientation requirements for convenient use by beauticians. Beauty beds are typically shipped in fine brown cartons of 1pc/ctn with a N.W./G.W. of 75KG. Container capacity is 48pc/20GP. Beauty beds are typically shipped within 20-45 days after deposit is received.


One of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in a beauty salon, women’s club, or beauty massage club is a beauty bed. This type of bed is designed to fit any body’s orientation and angle requirements, and is convenient for a beautician to use. Beauty beds are shipped via fine brown cartons in units of one-pc/ctn. The N.W./G.W. of beauty beds is 75KG, and their container capacity is 48pc/20GP. Beauty beds are shipped within twenty-to-fourty-five days of the deposit.


If you’re looking for the best beauty bed, you’ve come to the right place. Sonkly has been the leading supplier of esthetic equipment for over 30 years. Their quality is legendary. Each one of their facial beds has a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years, compared to just one to five years for their counterparts from overseas. In fact, more than half of their new sales are from customers who have had bad experiences with facial beds from other manufacturers.

Buying from Beauty Bed suppliers is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a quality, affordable product. Beauty beds are commonly used in beauty salons, spas, and women’s clubs. Their unique structure allows them to accommodate a variety of body angles and orientation requirements. This makes them a convenient choice for beauticians. Beauty beds are typically packaged in fine brown cartons and ship via container. Each unit weighs around 75KG N.W. and is usually shipped in 20-45 days.

Beauty Bed from Sonkly

A beauty bed from Sonkly is one of the most important pieces of aesthetic equipment for any spa or salon. It offers the ultimate in comfort and quality for every treatment. Its design is simple yet high-end, and the bed has features to satisfy even the most discriminating client. Its backrest adjusts by 90DU and can be leveled 180 degrees. Its armrests can be removed or flipped back. The weight capacity of a SONKLY beauty bed is 200kg. The bed is also durable and offers years of service.

The Sonkly Beauty Bed offers a simple and high-end aesthetic, and its backrest is adjustable up to 90DU. It has a load capacity of 200 kg. This beauty bed is made by a renowned brand in the field of medical aesthetic equipment, and it has been praised by users. Its price is affordable, making it a great option for both home and spa use. Its reclining backrests are removable and flexible armrests make it even more comfortable for beauty treatment.

Fast shipment and delivery

If you need fast shipment and delivery for your beauty bed, consider using the services of a fulfillment service. The following companies offer fulfillment services that can improve the speed of delivery for your beauty bed orders. The shipping and delivery services provided by these companies include fast ground shipping and White Glove delivery. However, if you are not sure about how to use them, you can contact their customer support department for assistance. You can also check out their FAQ page to learn more about the shipping process.

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