Learn How to fill water in Bongs without getting overboard

Planning to get your hands on exquisite bongs?

Before going over to the next phase;

Let’s see how to use bongs properly! First off, learn how to fill water in bongs without getting overboard.

Adding the perfect amount of water to a bong will offer you a cannabis smoking nirvana! Sometimes the bongs are harder to fill, as they come with multiple chambers and percolators that you need to fill with water.

The Percolator bongs function much more effectively and build a smoother cannabis smoking experience when they are able to cycle the water all the way.

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Remember, too much water is bad.

It is crucial not to overfill the glass bongs as too much water can occasionally cause splashback. The perfect formula? Get the stem and percolators down, so these are submerged about ½ an inch – and voila!

Bongs – What are they?

A bong is a water pipe designed for use with cannabis. It’s typically made of metal and glass and holds the smoke in a chamber that allows it to filter through water. The smoke passes through the water, cooling it down and giving it a smoother flavor.

Bongs are great for any occasion! They can be used at parties or just hanging out with friends.

They’re also really fun to make yourself, which means you can customize your bong and attain a unique touch that no one else has – or you can leave it to the pros like us.

How to fill your bong?

It’s a simple process that yields perfect results if done right;

Start by adding water through the mouthpiece under which it is submerged. You can pour water also through the hole where the down stem is put.

Sometimes it is hard to judge the correct amount of water going into the chamber. You want to insert a down stem to correctly measure how much water is filled in your chamber, as this is important that it gets submerged. So, water can cycle and make the smoothest hits.

The beaker bong and straight neck bongs are the most traditional options. These standard water pipes provide a large water chamber and a skinny neck mouthpiece. These bongs get their name from their “Beaker” shapes, similar to the glass beakers one must have seen in high-school chemistry class.

Bongs for Life

We know you’re on the hunt for a new bong.

And we are here to tell you that we have something that’s going to change your life.

Bongs come with a bong downstem and bowl set made from high-quality glass. These bongs are designed to make smoking weed easier than ever before, so you can get on with enjoying your favorite buds without having to worry about how much water is in your joint.

But don’t take my word for it—here are some reviews from other happy users:

“Bongs are worth their weight in gold.” -Jason, age 34

“If you’re looking for an affordable down stem and bowl set that won’t break the bank, then look no further than this product.” -Amy, age 25

Everything from the classic and reliable Bong Downstem to the superlative Percolator Bongs is under your reach, and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your choices.

The benefits of a Bong

Most weed smokers do not use cigarettes or shag any longer, making it logical that weed users now do not fill their joints with tobacco. When you roll up a pure joint with weed only, you stand to use a lot more herb compared to when you need to fill a bong.

Smoking a bong is much more efficient without tobacco, as only a single hit will have you stoned for hours.

Bong smokers also prefer to use their luxury glass pipes – which is understandable as a good bong lasts for years, stays in great shape, looks good on display and to top it all off, the smoke is heavenly with a bong if compared to a joint.

Luxury Bongs for Sale

Browse all kinds of bongs, including ice catcher bongs for sale and percolator bongs. Grab pickers tools if you want to make your bong from scratch! We’ve got everything from small pipes to large ones—everything from the down stems is available for $50!

So whether you’re looking for something small or large, we’ve got what you need!

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