When To Consider Renting A Printer: A Guide For Decision-making

When it comes to possibilities of having a printer for your business or personal use, there are three main alternatives: purchasing, leasing, or renting. While renting is the least favored option among the three mentioned above, there are specific circumstances where renting a printer would be the ideal choice for you.

Here is a brief guide to educate you on some of the primary inquiries regarding leasing a printer, comprising situations where it is and is not feasible, the duration of the rental period, the selection of available models, and the estimated expenses. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive comprehension of whether renting a printer is the optimal choice for your needs.

Three cases when renting is an option

Renting while you wait for your new printer

Recently, customers have been inquiring about renting printers mainly due to the prevailing reason of supply chain crisis. The arrival of new printers has been delayed by almost four months, whereas in normal times, it would take only two to four weeks for a new printer to arrive. This is a significant problem for businesses that urgently need to replace their old printers and have ordered a new one, only to find out that it will take more than three months to be delivered. If you are facing delays with your new printer and your old one is not functioning, then renting a printer for a short-term period is a suitable option.

Renting because your printer broke

Suppose the printer of your company’s printer has suddenly stopped functioning, and you wish to be cautious while purchasing a new one. Printers can be costly, particularly for bigger work groups. However, you also recognize that your business requires a printer immediately while you explore your alternatives to discover the most suitable new machine for your printing objectives. This is yet another circumstance where leasing a printer might be feasible. If you require a temporary substitute to handle fundamental printing tasks while you investigate the new printer you wish to acquire, then you would be an excellent applicant for a rental.

Renting for big renting projects

Perhaps you need to rent supplementary printers, or even multiple printers, to accommodate a big project that your current printers cannot handle efficiently. As an example, a school district may opt to rent multiple printers to manage the big volume of paperwork involved in registering students for school. For huge establishments such as hospitals or schools, renting printers to manage extensive projects is a feasible solution when anticipating a higher-than-usual print output.

When renting printer is not an option

Except in rare cases, if you require a printer for long-term use, it would be more cost-effective to purchase or lease one rather than considering renting options.

After going through this manual on leasing a printer, there are a handful of key points to bear in mind:

  • Renting a printer is intended for temporary or urgent use, not a lasting fix.
  • The length of your rental agreement may differ depending on the printing supplier.
  • Do not anticipate obtaining the most up-to-date and advanced equipment when you lease.
  • Take note of the expenses and charges and ensure that renting a printer is a valuable choice for you.

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