What are the Most Common Types of Construction Accidents in Philadelphia, PA?

Construction accidents are more prevalent than you might think! In Philadelphia, construction is a big industry, and so many people are employed in this field. As the number of people and projects increases, it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made. But these accidents aren’t always preventable. 

If you are injured from a construction accident, it is essential to speak with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys at the earliest to ensure that all your rights are protected. These attorneys will also be able to help you obtain all financial compensation that is owed. 

We will now look into the most common types of construction accidents in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Scaffold accidents

Scaffolding is often used in building construction. This is because it allows the workers to work at great heights. However, it is also easy to disassemble and move around. And therefore, scaffolding can lead to serious accidents. 

Usually, scaffolds collapse due to two major reasons. The first reason would be that the scaffold isn’t properly assembled or maintained by the workers. The second reason for a scaffold collapse would be improper weight distribution.

  • Roofing accidents

Roofing accidents can be very serious. They occur when workers or employees fall off the top of a building due to faulty or damaged scaffolding. These accidents are often severe and lead to severe brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. You can get hurt falling off the roof of a building, and you can also be hurt if you are working on the roof and a falling object such as a brick strikes you.

  • Falls from height

Another type of construction accident that can occur is falling from a height. This type of injury is common among construction workers. Most of the time, falls from height occur when workers are working on a high building or the roof. Falls from height can be fatal, and hence, it is important to take extra care and adhere to safe working protocols.

  • Crane accidents

Crane accidents happen when cranes collapse during lifting operations or crane swings. These accidents can cause serious injury because of the immense weight of cranes. Crane accidents can also lead to wrongful death, especially if a person dies after being struck by falling debris or rigging that comes loose during an accident.

  • Slip and fall

Slip and fall accidents are often caused when a worker trips or falls on a slippery surface. Slippery surfaces can be caused by outside conditions or by faulty flooring installations. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and damage, especially to the joints and tendons of the body.

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