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Medical professionals treat individuals with pharmaceuticals and surgery, but other ways don’t include drugs or surgery. These include physiotherapy, Pilates, massage, etc.

Today, many people are looking for safer, less intrusive ways to heal themselves. Fortunately, these ways, such as Pilates, have become quite popular not only in Australia but also across the globe. Upwell Health Collective offers these services to heal you and keep you healthy if you live in or near the suburb of Camberwell in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

To give you more information on one of Upwell Health’s services, let’s look at one of their most popular – Pilates.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, German-born Joseph Pilates invented Pilates. It is a form of exercise you can perform in a gym, at home, or in an intensive rehabilitation facility. You can also combine it with other forms of exercise to increase one’s overall fitness level. Pilates should be performed wearing comfortable clothing and barefoot. The only tool you’ll need is an exercise mat if you’re working on a hard surface. Because Pilates doesn’t require weights or exercise equipment, it is considered a “bodyweight” exercise. 

Pilates is used to keep the body strong and flexible. It’s also used to treat injuries and health problems. However, many people perform Pilates just to stay in shape. 

Indeed, Pilates is famous worldwide as a form of physical exercise for both recreational athletes and those seeking increased fitness levels. Today, notable athletes such as Tiger Woods practice Pilates to increase muscle tone and flexibility. (1) Some professional sports teams— such as FC Barcelona — have their own Pilates coaches so their players can stay in top physical condition throughout the year.

Pilates exercises work several muscle groups simultaneously: abdominal, back, and leg muscles are targeted during a typical session. Not only does it target major muscle groups, but it also increases flexibility, core strength, and respiratory fitness simultaneously.

Facilities specializing in rehabilitation after spinal surgery also use Pilates exercises for post-surgical recovery, increasing mobility while stretching sore muscles into place. The popularity of pilates has contributed to the rising number of pilates trainers working in the healthcare industry as personal trainers require access to comprehensive healthcare. You will often find pilates trainers working with clients before and after they undergo spinal surgery. In the US, a study shows that the state of Massachusetts offers above-average access to healthcare, making Boston the best place to be a personal trainer as cited in the article. Aside from being used therapeutically, Pilates has also replaced running as an aerobic exercise method since it targets the same muscles but burns more calories simultaneously— resulting in less fatigue afterward.

Now that you know all about Pilates, it may be a service that would be good for you and your health. One of the best places to receive this service is at a place like Upwell Health, which not only offers the service but ensures that it best fits your health needs. 

Upwell Health Collective offers collaborative, innovative, and award-winning care for residents of Australia. They provide a goal-based treatment plan that is not only private but one-on-one. Not only do they treat you with practices such as Pilates, but they educate you as much as they can so that you can get healthy and stay healthy. Their team of Pilates Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, and Massage Therapists based in Camberwell are ready to service you. Contact Upwell Health Collective today. 

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