Video chat with girls — the do’s and don’ts

Video chatting with somebody has been quite embarrassing at the very beginning. However, modern people do not imagine their everyday lives without it. Many of us prefer to just meet someone through a video chat instead of asking out and getting to know the person on a real first date. 

“You don’t need to have a public meeting and let everyone around watch your dating scene if you are too shy.” (Source: It is really very convenient to just see each other and talk online. Especially when it comes to very busy and shy people. There are also certain rules you need to follow when it comes to online chatting. Video chat with girls is not much different from your first dates with them, so you should make a very good first impression. It is a must to follow certain rules and ethics, so learn about them right now. 

The do’s of video chat with girls

It seems that there is nothing difficult in video chat with girls and it is really so. However, it is not always possible to establish good contact. At times, misunderstandings happen. It may happen simply due to a language barrier, cultural differences, or just different tempers. It all can be easily avoided when following a few rules.

Do avoid “forbidden” topics

Not every topic should be discussed online, especially when talking live. While writing a message or a letter, you can always edit it, but you will not edit your video chat speech, so it is necessary to be careful with what you say in video chat with girls. Some topics that are not desirable, include:

  • Sex
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Money

Anything that can cause disagreements, misunderstandings, or offend another person even if you didn’t mean it, should not be even touched. Thus, it is not good to talk about it, at least with someone you see for the first time and do not know well yet.

Respect your interlocutor

This notion is quite generalized and anything can be, actually, included in it. However, we will try to point out just a few very important aspects you should always take into account in a video chat with girls:

  • Be polite no matter what
  • Don’t ask provocative questions
  • Stay dressed (yes, this is important)
  • Let her see your face normally (not your neck, cheeks, forehead, core, etc.)
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol in front of the camera

Do show interest

Asking questions in a video chat with girls is a must. You should not overwhelm your interlocutor with questions though. It should be a good dialogue with questions-answers. Your girl should see that you are interested not only in how good she looks but in her personality. For that reason, think about questions to ask beforehand.

It does by no means imply that you need to write all the questions or topics down and read them from a piece of paper. Just be prepared to ask questions on time. Always give her some time to reply and ask you something in return. A healthy and two-sided dialogue in a video chat with girls is always better than a monologue or inconvenient pauses.

The don’ts of video chatting with girls

Now you know what it’s better to do when having a video call with a woman. There are also a few things to avoid while doing it. Here they are. 

Don’t be arrogant

Too shy guys aren’t someone girls adore but even more, they do not like arrogant men. Some guys think that a video chat with girls isn’t too serious and they have to be as persistent and confident as possible. Yes, persistence and confidence are quite desired but do not mistake them for arrogance. 

Girls cannot stand arrogance both in real life and online. Try to be respectful and not push if you see someone doesn’t really want to talk to you and isn’t interested in you anymore.

Don’t take rejection too personally

Rejection is normal not only in real life but also in video chat with girls. Not all people have sparkles and chemistry online and not all of them will want to keep talking to you. This is natural. Some guys take this rejection too personally and start offending and insulting people on the other side of the screen.

You should understand that no one is obliged to talk to you just because you are video chatting. If you want it, it still doesn’t mean other people want it. Take it as a lesson and the next step in your search, wish her well, and move further. Sometimes, after getting such a polite reply to a rejection, girls start appreciating men and come back to them. 

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