Is Brown Water Coming Out of Your Faucet? Here are 7 Possible Reasons Why

Have you noticed that the water coming out of your taps has been turning brown? If so, you may be wondering what’s causing it. While there could be a number of causes, in this blog post we will cover the seven most plausible reasons why the water coming out of your taps may be brown.

1. Rust build-up in pipes

Rust is a common problem with old or corroded pipes and can cause brown or reddish-brown coloured water to come out of your taps. It’s important to note that while this type of problem is often harmless, it should still be addressed as soon as possible just in case.

2. Iron deposits

Iron deposits can cause the same kind of discolouration in tap water as rust build-up and is usually found in wells and other groundwater sources. Iron deposits are also harmless, but should still be taken care of if you notice any discolouration in your tap water.

3. Sediment

Sediment can accumulate over time in old pipes and can lead to discoloured water when it’s released into the system at high volumes or during times when more pressure is applied to the pipes than usual, such as during periods of high usage or when repairs are being done on the plumbing system.

4. Tree roots in drainage pipes

Tree roots can grow into drainage pipes and block them off over time, which can lead to dirty or even murky looking water coming out from the taps due to trapped sediment and other debris getting stuck inside the pipe system. To check for tree roots in drainage pipes, you’ll need to call a plumber.

5. Chemical contamination

Chemical contamination is another possible cause for brown tap water, though this isn’t something homeowners typically have to worry about unless they live near an industrial plant or hazardous waste site where chemical runoff could potentially make its way into their drinking water supply.

6. Algae growth

Algae growth can occur if there is an issue with your home’s filtration system, leading to brown-coloured tap water that has a foul smell and taste associated with it due its presence inside the pipes.

7. Naturally occurring minerals

Finally, naturally occurring minerals like manganese or iron could be present in your drinking water supply, which could lead to brown-coloured tap water depending on their concentration levels within the soil surrounding your home’s plumbing system.

Why is your tap water brown?

No matter what has caused your tap water to turn brown, it’s important that you take action right away if you notice any discolouration coming from your faucets so that you can address any potential issues before they become worse or have an adverse effect on you and your family’s health down the line. With this list of seven possible causes for why your faucet’s running brown, hopefully you’ll know what steps need to be taken next. Good luck!

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