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Whether you want to upload or promote your video on Vimeo, you should know the features that this website offers. It has a wide range of options, including customization, analytics, and a pay-per-view model.

Customization options

Using Vimeo’s customization options is a great way to add your own unique touch to your videos. It can help you make a memorable impression on your viewers. It also helps you stay on brand across all platforms.

There are several features that you can use to customize your profile and video. These include creating playlists and adding private links. You can even set up password protection for your videos. You can also add your own domain to your Vimeo account.

Another option is to create a custom channel. A channel is a landing page for your brand. This page allows you to choose which videos you want to embed and how you want to display them. You can also create custom call to actions.


Using Vimeo analytics, you can gain deeper insights into your audience’s engagement. You’ll be able to find out how viewers found your videos, what their viewing habits are, and how you can improve your content’s performance. It can also help you decide on the best distribution channels for your content.

You can view videos’ statistics by date and source, and you can filter reports by device. You can also see the views your videos have gotten on Facebook and YouTube. You can also get a centralized dashboard that enables you to see all your video analytics in one place.

If you’re looking to enhance your brand marketing efforts with videos, you can use interactive touchpoints, such as shoppable hotspots, to attract viewers. You can also create training quizzes with informational overlays.

Pay-per-view model

Founded in 2004, Vimeo is a video sharing platform. The site has grown quickly in recent years. Its focus is on high-quality video and becoming a professional platform for content creators. The company’s most significant competitor is YouTube.

Like YouTube, Vimeo offers a variety of free and paid plans. The company’s subscription packages include auto-archiving and third-party player support. They also offer production tools and live streaming options.

The company’s main users are content creators. These content creators can rent, sell, or charge subscribers for their videos. The company also offers a “tip jar” service that allows content creators to collect donations from viewers.

The company’s latest monetization strategy is to offer an on-demand pay-per-view option. The new service will feature premium content and will be available for 99 cents to $6.

Smaller community

Compared to YouTube, Vimeo has a smaller community of content creators. This is great news for business owners who want to produce thoughtful and quality videos without worrying about getting flooded with clickbait titles and thumbnails.

You can upload videos to Vimeo and share them with friends and followers. You can also create groups for your content. The site has an analytics tool that will help you see your top performing video types and track your engagement metrics.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t have ads before, during, and after a video. They also don’t allow for commercial videos. The community on Vimeo is more mature and creative.


Despite its many shortcomings, there is still a place for Vimeo in the online video landscape. It is a great platform for sharing videos of all kinds. In fact, there are more than five million registered users and over 50 billion video views per month. This makes it a surprisingly good ally for businesses of all sizes, a fact that the company is well aware of.

However, the platform may not be suited for all businesses. Luckily, there are other more suited alternatives. Among them is Adilo. It is an ultra-secure video hosting service that boasts a full suite of tools and services for your on-demand media needs. It also sports a nifty-looking video player that resembles a nifty old timey.


Compared to YouTube, Vimeo offers a more clean and coherent player with large buttons. It also offers an advanced video analytics that helps users monitor user behavior and the performance of free trials.

The platform supports live streaming of up to twelve hours from an external camera. You can set up a closed environment, or make your videos public. You can broadcast your live streams in 1080p resolution.

You can also use the dashboard to determine your audience’s engagement, subscriber base, and revenue details. The advanced dashboard also shows location-based information. You can customize the notifications you receive. You can sort your videos by title, privacy status, or date added.

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