Twin VS Twin XL Mattresses: The Distinctions

If you’ve narrowed the choices to a twin bed versus the twin XL mattress, you’re likely on the right track with searching for a mattress. Both twins and twin XL can be regular sizes of mattresses and are readily available from a variety of manufacturers. Because they are the two smaller sizes, both offer the same benefits for people on a budget and with limited space in their bedrooms.

We’ll explain the minor differences between these two sizes. We’ll also advise what to consider when choosing between a twin bed and twin XL beds.

Difference Between A Twin And A Twin XL Mattress

If you’re trying to decide between a twin or an XL twin mattress, It may be beneficial to consider the exact dimensions of the two mattresses and how they differ in terms of price.


Mattresses twin or twin XL is 38 in comprehensive. The difference is that twin beds measure 75 in long, whereas twin XL models measure 80 inches long, hence the term XL which means extra large. The twin mattresses generally have identical lengths to more oversized mattresses; however, twin XL mattresses are typically similar in size to queen or king-size mattresses.

Sizes may differ by a few inches, depending on the maker. For instance, sure twin beds could be 39 to 75 inches, and twin XL beds could be 38 inches by 79 inches. Of course, full size mattress is wider than a twin mattress, but if you have less space in your home than twin and twin xl are the best. 


Due to their size, which is the smaller size, the twin mattress and the twin size tend to be the most affordable option among the standard mattress sizes. Certain manufacturers sell the twin-sized and twin XL mattress nearly identically, whereas others determine prices that differ from several hundred dollars.

Similar to other available mattress sizes, the cost of an XL or twin mattress will vary depending on the type of mattress, the manufacturer, and whether there are additional charges for returns or shipping. Keep in mind that bedding and accessories are cheaper in the twin or twin xl size, reducing the total price of your purchase. You can also shop online to get the mattress you like. 

Who Should Sleep On A Twin Or A Twin XL Mattress?

A twin or twin-XL mattress generally is best suited for one person, either the teen, a child or a student at college, or even a single adult. When selecting the mattress size, take into consideration factors like how you look, the space available inside your home, as well as your personal preferences and requirements.

Children and Teens

Younger teens and children can usually sleep comfortably in a standard twin mattress or twin-XL bed. If you decide which mattress size is ideal for children, take note that bed frames like bunk beds or trundle bed frames may need a twin mattress, while taller teens may prefer the lengthier twin XL.

College Students

Sizes twin and twin XL are perfect for dorms or for anyone living at home for the first time. Both sizes work well in smaller spaces. They can be used for a bunk bed to create an area on the floor.

Single Adults

Budget-conscious adults may choose a twin or twin XL mattress that meets their requirements. However, these dimensions aren’t ideal for more significant adults who prefer to lounge around while sleeping or sleeping with an individual. But the twin and twin XL beds can accommodate two people and a pet of a small size.

Those Living in Small Spaces

The small twin and twin XL beds make them ideal for smaller rooms like Studio apartments, RVs, and guest bedrooms.

Some More Information On The Twin Mattress

In 38” x 75 inches, the twin bed is a common choice for children, normal-sized adults, and teenagers if you are looking to conserve space and are looking for a low-cost option to have a comfy sleeping space.

Prices for these mattresses vary based on their material thickness, thickness, and style. For instance, if you would like a six-inch memory foam twin mattress, it is available for around 140 dollars. An innerspring mattress of six inches costs between 75 dollars to 145 dollars. Additionally, you can find luxurious and premium pillow-top mattresses with 14 inches of thickness that cost between 550 dollars and 1000 dollars.

Some More Information On The Twin XL Mattress

The dimensions of the twin XL twin are more significant than a standard twin bed by 5 inches and measure 38” by 80 inches. This added length of the mattress makes it perfect for tall teenagers, adults, and people looking for the ideal dorm or guest room mattress.

The cost of these mattresses follows the materials they are made of, their type, and an integrated topper. It’s possible to purchase a seven-inch innerspring twin XL bed for between 87 and 160 dollars. If you prefer the feeling of cooling memory foam, the seven-inch models range between 100 dollars to 330 dollars. There are also 14” premium innerspring mattresses with pillow tops for between 680 dollars and 800 dollars.

Can Both Twin And Twin XL Mattresses Be Bunked?

Yes, twin or twin XL may be your best bet alternatives to the loft as well as bunk beds. If you’re trying to conserve space but require more length, the twin loft bed is a great option. They are great for dorms in colleges and other places where space is limited.

In Conclusion

While there aren’t many differences between twins vs. twin XL size, the length is the one that matters most. Five inches more in the twin XL will help adults and teens with a small amount of sleeping space in their rooms. You can even save space by choosing an XL twin loft bed.

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