Get rid of ants for good – A few ant-control strategies that you should try out

Ants are usually the most persistent pests that can ever enter your buildings and homes. They are nothing but a nuisance as they contaminate your food, build mounds of soil on the place it infests, and wreak havoc by hollowing wood. There are other species like fire ants that inflict painful stings and for hypersensitive individuals, this can also get life-threatening. 

For most homeowners, ants look alike. In reality, there are several kinds of species of ants that invade your homes. It can be frustrating to deal with ants. While there are ant control Portland companies that can help you with professional pest control, it is always worthwhile to keep in mind a few DIY solutions too. 

How do I eliminate ants permanently?

Ants are social insects that usually live in colonies. Treatment plans for ant control should kill the whole colony. If you only decide to spray an ant spray, this will only kill a few of them and instead scatter the remaining colony of ants. Rather than using normal sprays for killing ants, if you can spray Taurus SC, this will ensure that the ants don’t get scattered. 

However, it is never possible to eliminate ants permanently. However, the good news is that you can start spring baiting your entire property. Ants have a nature of gathering all baits and returning them to their colonies, this is a practice that is a must for ant extermination. 

  • Poison should be easily accessible

Notice carefully the places where you see ants. It can be along the walls or under the sink. Place bait stations in such areas where the population of ants is the highest. When they first see the bait station, there will be more ants coming towards it. This will mean larger numbers of ants carrying the bait back to their colony. The more ants get a reach of the poison, the better it is for your ant elimination strategy. 

  • Rub off their scented trail

Ants usually leave behind a scented trail that helps other ants in following them. Mopping or sweeping is not enough to rub off the scene. You can take a spray bottle and mix three parts of water with one part vinegar. Spray the solution wherever you find ant trails. 

  • Try not to squish them

Once the toxic bait has been set out, don’t give in to the temptation of squishing the ants. These ants are currently working for you. They’re carrying the poison and giving it to the colonies of ants elsewhere. So, what’s the point in squishing and stepping on them when they’re working for you? 

  • Shut down all points of easy entry

Trim down the shrubs, bushes, and trees that brush against the roof’s edge. This makes a bridge for the ants to travel to your home. Also don’t stack firewood near your house. 

Therefore, if you’re already frustrated with an ant invasion in your home that is spoiling your food and biting your kids, you should follow the above-listed tips and techniques.

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