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AI tools are slowly gaining popularity because they are extremely useful and have unlimited options to unleash your creativity. Online design tool helps you create beautiful designs even if you are not a professional designer. It helps you with graphic design and editing, making logos, creating all sorts of templates, etc. Check to find all the design tools you need. But knowing what application to use for this task can be difficult since the internet is full of hundreds of tools. But worry not, we got your back! Here are top 3 best online designing tools you can use for whatever task you want.

Video Maker

Editing, creating and trimming videos has never been easier. Video maker lets you create  professional videos with just a few clicks. All you have to do is know about the tools this application has. One tap lets you trim, split, record, cut and paste any video clips you like.

You can create professional videos, tiktoks or edits for your friends using this online tool.

Colour Matcher

Matching the sort of colours you have to use in your designs and videos is crucial. Colour palettes are essential for the aesthetic of a design. If you use every colour you can see, it looks off and gives a bad impression. Using the Colour Matcher tool allows you to create a nice combination or contrast of colours that would look great in the design you will be creating. Using a colour palette for a design makes it look pleasing to the eyes and would easily attract anyone who is passing by or scrolling through their phone.


Logos are an important part of a business. They are the identity to any start-up, business, school, university, etc. Every organization has their own logo. And this online design tool makes it even more easier to create a beautiful logo. You are given thousands of different templates to choose from. You can also give an aesthetic that you want for your logo. It can be modern, vintage, minimal or even funky. That depends on what you like and what works the best with your business. After choosing a design, all you have to do is a little editing with the logo text. Since the name of every organisation is different. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can always find something that clicks your heart on the first try. These online AI tools are a blessing for creating designs especially if you are not an artistic person.

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