Tapered Roller Bearings Without Small Ribs

Abstract: The influence of the small ribs on the inner ring of the tapered roller bearing on the processing and assembly of the bearing was analyzed, and a new type of tapered roller bearing without small ribs was designed. The structure of the inner ring and the stamping and assembly methods of the cage were introduced in detail. .

Tapered roller bearings are structurally separable bearings, that is, the outer ring can be separated from the inner component. The inner assembly consists of rollers, inner ring and cage. The rollers and cage are locked by the large and small ribs on the inner ring, and the rollers are placed in the inner ring raceway to form an inseparable assembly. Due to the existence of small ribs in the inner ring, the bearing of this structure cannot be extended in the limited raceway width, which restricts the improvement of the bearing carrying capacity; it has an impact on the machining accuracy and material utilization of the bearing, and the heat treatment Quenching cracks are easy to appear in the middle; the bearing is inseparable from the machine tool and the mold in assembly, and the small ribs are easily broken during installation and use.

In order to solve the above problems, the overall structure of the bearing was improved, and a tapered roller bearing without small rib was designed [1]. Before the improvement, the cage needs to be expanded when the roller is assembled, so that the beam at the small end of the window hole of the cage moves outward by a distance equivalent to the width of two small ribs. The rollers smoothly enter the raceway, and then the expanded cage is shrunk to its original state with an assembly die to complete the assembly of the bearing. After the improvement, the small rib of the bearing is canceled, and a flange is added to the large rib (Fig. 1), so that the roller can smoothly enter the inner ring raceway without the need for expansion of the cage. The cage structure is improved to match the structure of the large rib, and the large end of the cone has an inner curved edge (Figure 2).

The stamping process of the improved cage is: cutting and forming → bottom cutting → punching window hole → pressing hole slope → inner diameter of car end face → initial flange → final flange → secondary car inner diameter (inner diameter of flange). The structure of the cage crimping mold is shown in Figure 3.

The improved designed 32216 bearing structure is shown in Figure 4, and its comprehensive features are:

(1) Under the condition that the outer diameter of the large rib remains unchanged, a flange is extended in the outer diameter direction to lock the cage;

(2) Under the condition that the original basic structure and size of the cage remain unchanged, an inward curved edge is added to the direction of the large end of the window hole to form a C shape;

(3) After the inner components are installed, rely on the interference fit between the large flange flange and the inner diameter of the cage flange without falling off, and the assembly is completed;

(4) The small rib of the inner ring is cancelled, which is convenient for processing, and the processing accuracy, production efficiency and material utilization rate are improved;

(5) The inner assembly does not need to expand the cage, the original stamping accuracy is maintained, and the assembly is noise-free.

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