Tips To Reap The Most Of Your Health And Wellness

Physical health tends to be the aspect that people think about when other people mention health and wellness (read more). However, these two topics also encompass mental and emotional aspects.

Many people are physically well, but their mental and emotional conditions are underdeveloped. Some others are healthy and mature both mentally and emotionally despite not having an ideal physical figure.

The good news is, we can balance our physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Even if we cannot be perfect, at least we can be in a much healthier state.

Tip #1: Be Quiet And Still

It is not all about praying or some specific spiritual or religious practice. Taking 10-15 minutes daily doing nothing is essential in developing mindfulness, no matter what you refer to as practice.

By doing nothing, it means not doing anything. All you need to do is only sit in your comfortable pose until the time has elapsed. Also, avoid seeing (or even playing with) electronic devices as much as possible.

Quiet music like the waterfall sound is all you need to listen to music during your me times. Alternatively, listen to the 300 Hz meditation to maximize and overcome your weak spots.

Tip #2: Get In Touch With Your Values

Every living being has unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, standards, and values. So, those things become the reason we deserve to live.

Knowing thyself is not only an adage. Instead, it exists to motivate us to evaluate ourselves every day. At the same time, finding who we are is a long and challenging process for some of us.

Jotting down notes on what we value, think, feel, or believe can be a helpful method for us. It’s okay to miss a day or two if you find it hard to apply discipline. After all, being kind to yourself is the key to your self-care success.

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Tip #3: Practice Kindness To Yourself

Brace yourself. This tip may be challenging to practice if people around you have conditioned you to look after other people before yourself.

(Re-)concept the self-care before taking any further actions in this step. Thinking about the life vests in the airplane is a starting point for shaping the self-care concept. Is it your children, other passengers, the cabin crews, or yourself that you need to put on the life vest first?

From there, combine with tip point #2 above. Then, find suitable outlets to care for yourself.

For instance, you can hug and vent to your pets to trace your thoughts and feelings patterns. You can even treat your headaches using CBD oil products like the ones in cheefbotanicals or even CBD balms for body pain. Immersing yourself in mental and physical exercises are some other great ways to be kind to yourself. We will delve deeper into these exercise aspects over the next part of this article.

Tip #4: Get Involved In Mental And Physical Exercises

Yoga and other serene, non-competitive exercise often become the exercise types we associate with the self-care concept. Even though it may be true, yoga itself can be a competitive exercise at some points.

Aerobics is yet another well-known physical exercise. Low impact exercises are not only applicable but also stress-free. Other exercises, like a power walk, high-intensity interval training, and more, also become the essential self-love exercises for your physique.

Chess and Sudoku are two evergreen board games people often refer to when talking about mental exercises. However, we can train our minds with other board games and online games.

For instance, you can visit many online marketplaces for ideas about what games you should play.

After all, many games provide ways to improve our focus and concentration abilities. We can accomplish our tasks and to-do lists when our minds are clear.

Tip #5: Find A Community

Some people believe one should do it all by themselves to succeed. They are cowards if they only rely on other people.

Such beliefs are things we refer to as toxic positivity. While it’s okay to maintain independence, not having a place where we call home is a red flag that emphasizes our insecurity.

You must be mentally and emotionally safe to thrive in your health and wellness. Having a community based on hobbies and interests is a starting point to develop in many aspects of your life (link:

Keeping track of the discussion and applying what you understand in the community’s guidelines are two crucial things that you should execute wherever you are. Do not be afraid to step out at any time if you feel uncomfortable with the community you are in.

Tip #6: Know When To Get Out (And How)

Many people advise us to get out when a situation makes us uncomfortable. Some other people advise us to hang in there until we have developed adequate support systems.

Moving out is always a risky situation. We may never know what lies ahead after the people have conditioned us to accept the breadcrumbs of life. However, it’s always worth the experience and journey once we dare ourselves to contribute to it.

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Ensure you don’t leave any valuables behind when you get out of the situation. Another thing to remind yourself of is to be aware of any changes or opportunities.

Take baby steps every time you notice opportunities to move out safely. Only then you will be able to develop and heal yourself from your past wounds and traumas.

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