Tips for New Players to Get Started and Succeed

Fantasy sports have become a global phenomenon, offering sports enthusiasts a unique way to engage with their favourite games and players. Whether you’re a fan of cricket, football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, fantasy sports can provide an exciting and immersive experience. However, if you’re new to the world of fantasy sports, it can seem overwhelming at first. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips and insights to help you get started and succeed in the world of fantasy sports.

Understanding Fantasy Sports

What Are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports involve creating virtual teams made up of real professional athletes. These athletes earn points based on their real-life performance in games, and your fantasy team accumulates points based on the statistical performance of your selected players.

Popular Fantasy Sports

The most popular fantasy sports include fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy Kabaddi, and fantasy soccer. Each sport has its own unique rules and scoring systems.

Different Game Formats

Fantasy sports offer various game formats, such as season-long leagues, daily/weekly contests, and even one-time special events. Choose a format that suits your preferences and time commitment.

How to get started?

1.Select a Fantasy Sports Platform

There are numerous platforms available for playing fantasy sports, including Dream11, My11 Circle, and MyTeam11.  Choose a platform that aligns with your favorite sports and user interface preferences.

2. Create Your Account

Sign up for an account on your chosen fantasy sports platform. This typically requires providing basic information like your name and email address.

3. Join or Create a League

Leagues are groups of players who compete against each other. You can join a public league or create a private league with friends. Joining an existing league is a great way for beginners to learn the ropes. The top league to look forward to right now is the World Cup fantasy league.

How to Make Your Fantasy Sports Team?

1. Player Positions

Each sport has different player positions. Learn the positions and their roles in the game.

2. Player Rankings and Projections

Many platforms provide player rankings and projections, which can help you make informed decisions during the draft. Pay attention to expert analysis and advice.

3. Draft Strategy

Develop a draft strategy based on your league’s scoring rules. Decide whether you want to focus on star players, sleepers, or a balanced approach.

How to Manage Your Team?

1. Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest news and updates about your players. Injuries, suspensions, and trades can significantly impact your team’s performance.

2. Make Trades and Add/Drop Players

Most fantasy sports leagues allow you to make trades with other team owners and add/drop players from the pool. Use these tools strategically to improve your team.

3. Set Your Lineup

Before each game day, set your lineup by selecting the players you want to start. Pay attention to player matchups, injuries, and performance trends.

Understand the Scoring Points

1. Understand Scoring Rules

Familiarize yourself with your league’s scoring rules. Different leagues may assign different point values to various statistics.

2. Keep Track of Your Points

Most platforms provide real-time scoring updates. Monitor your team’s performance and adjust your strategy if necessary during games.

How to Make a Strategy to Win Big?

1. Research and Analysis

The key to success in fantasy sports is research. Stay updated on player statistics, team news, and expert opinions to make informed decisions.

2. Diversify Your Portfolio

 Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your team by selecting players from different teams and positions.

3. Don’t Overreact

While it’s essential to stay proactive, avoid making rash decisions based on one bad game or a single standout performance. Trust your initial draft strategy.

How to Play Fair?

1. Respect League Rules and Deadlines

Be aware of your league’s rules, deadlines, and scoring settings. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking league rules.

2. Be a Good Sport

Remember that fantasy sports are meant to be fun and competitive. Avoid trash-talking or unsportsmanlike behavior towards other league members.

Finally, Enjoy the Experience

1. Community and Social Interaction

Engage with other players in your league. Fantasy sports provide an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts.

2. Celebrate Small Victories

Fantasy sports can be unpredictable. Even if you’re not in first place, celebrate the small victories and improvements your team achieves.


Starting your journey into the world of fantasy sports can be a thrilling experience. It offers a unique way to connect with your favorite sports and players while challenging your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. By following this beginner’s guide and staying committed to learning and improving, you’ll increase your chances of success and, most importantly, have a great time competing in fantasy sports leagues. Whether you’re aiming to win or simply enjoy, fantasy sports offer something for everyone. So, dive in, draft your team, and start enjoying the exciting world of fantasy sports!

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