The Reality of Personal Injury: Mental Health

People might think that physical injury means visits to the physio, doctors, exercise at home, restricted diet, etc., but hardly people speak about the impact it often has on the mental health of the victim. The symptoms of mental health issues after a physical injury are delay in the recovery of physical health, sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, low blood pressure, high pulse rate, loss of appetite, and so on. Making oneself aware of the factors of poor mental health is crucial as it will help you to deal with and treat the problem when the time arises. However, if you are a victim of personal injury,you can contact a Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Factors Contributing to Poor Mental Health

Any kind of physical injury and mental health is interrelated. Any kind of injury or may it be a chronic illness can disturb your mental balance triggering issues like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorders, etc. And these issues in turn deal with your recovery process. 

After an injury, a person may suffer from mental illness as the pain and the time spent n the hospitals might lead them to depression and post-traumatic disorder. These problems in turn will cause a havoc change in the person day to day life and functioning and also hamper the lives of people who are a major part of their lives. 

The injuries might cause issues with their mobility hampering the course of their free-willed movement and can make them stay at home away from the social world. This might make them lonely and that might trigger frustration and depression.

Some people suffer from depression after the injury as they might never fully recover. It changes the way of life the person was habituated to leading. People can not get used to the change that easily and thus it might make them mentally weak.


There are various studies that have stated that one in three people will suffer from anxiety and depression within three months of their accident. The risk is high in the victims who suffer from brain injury or spinal cord injuries. Going to a doctor for getting treated physically will not save your problems that arise from injuries. Ensure that you go to a psychiatrist too. In fact, denial that your life has changed after the injury is also a sign of poor mental health.

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