Tesla is revising the value of the Model 3 as the federal EV credit rating expires

Tesla has exceeded the maximum tax credit limit for electric vehicles in 2018 and has set December 31 this year as the deadline for qualifying for the remaining tax deduction. Earlier in the day, Tesla reviewed its online value proposition this week.

Plans for the Tesla Model 3 Tax Standard Range Plus now cost $ 500, up from $ 39,990. The low-cost 3-wheel-drive model is still a long-range model with its two AWD motor systems. The price has increased by $ 500 to a new total of $ 48,990. Model 3 Performance costs $ 56,990. Remember that any tax credit you receive is not reflected in the price: you pay the full amount and are then reimbursed for your next tax return.

We can point out that the increase in prices as the year draws to a close is that Tesla is confident in the number of car deliveries in the fourth quarter. If it wants to push more Models 3 out the door, we’ll definitely see prices go down instead, right? The company had previously said it was confident of bringing in 360,000 cars this year as we enter 2020.

The price of the Tesla Model Y has gone up

The new EV tax credits proposed by Biden regulators are bound to further boost EV sales. However, if you are in the Tesla Model Y Tax market, you will not find it sweet as a deal. In anticipation of future EV tax credits, Tesla is adjusting its price accordingly.

The price of the Tesla Model Y rises for the eighth time before the EV tax debt in 2021

Democrats, President Joe Biden, and the UAW are in the process of passing a law that will increase the EV tax levy on union vehicles. The law may provide for $ 12,500 to cut the surface of any EV made in the United States by union personnel. Currently, Tesla cars will not fit in the 12,500 total because EVs are not manufactured by automakers. However, Teslas can still get a tax credit of up to 500 7,500.

Since the new law will take tax credits on EV value at the time of purchase, Tesla is taking steps to get more money from its customers before getting the rest from Uncle Sam. Electrek has noted that the price of the Tesla Model Y has increased by $ 1,000.

By 2021, EV maker Tesla Model Y will not be the only vehicle to expand its MSRP 2021. Towards the end of October, Tesla raised the price of the Model S and the Model X by about $ 5,000. This was the second  5,000 price increase in a few months in Model S.

In addition, the Tesla model has risen in value by more than $ 500 since the start of the 3rd year. The current purchase price for the Model 3 is $ 44,990, while previously, it started below $ 40k. It looks like Tesla has raised the price by $ 5,000 across the board.

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