Sykkuno | Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About The Net Worth Of Sykkuno.

A 20 years old wonder boy, Sykkuno, was born in the united states on June 4, 1992. His real name is Thomas. He is mainly a twitch streamer and a YouTuber. He earns money from different sources, but the primary source of income is YouTubing a twitch streaming. Today in this article, we will know about Sykunno’s net worth. How much he earns from sponsorship, merch, and most importantly, twitch and youtube.

How much Sykkuno earns from twitch?

Sykkuno earns almost US$110,000 per month from twitch streaming. According to twitch tracker, sykkuno can make nearly 30,000 subscribers, and he gets almost $105,000 per month for these subscribers. Sykkuno earns a lot from twitch advertisements. From the research of twitch tracker, they found that sykkuno has an average of 15,000 viewers per stream and of which he earns almost $300 for each stream and earns $4000 every month from the twitch advertisement sector only. Every subscriber on twitch sykkuno earns nearly $3.50. From twitch streaming, sykkuno makes money a lot via advertisements, bit donations, and subscriptions.

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How much sykkuno earns from youtube:

Youtube is one of the busiest platforms to watch videos, and the intelligent guy Sykkuno takes this advantage ideally. He has earned almost US$48,000 from youtube per month. Sykkuno has 2.6 million subscribers on his youtube channel, and he has got average of 500,000 viewers on his every video. For 1000 views, Sykunno earns $4, and he got almost 12,000,000 views on his videos per month.

How much he earns from sponsorship:

Sykkuno earns a lot of money from sponsorship and merch. Mavic gaming chairs sponsored sykkuno for years.

How Much Sykkuno earns in a month:

Sykkuno’s significant income comes from twitch, and on average, he has earned $105,000 from this sector. He has made second-most from youtube, and he has earned almost $48,000 every month from this sector. The total estimated earning of Sykkuno is $500k.

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