Pitfalls to avoid when buying and selling property in a changing market in Australia

When you plan to buy or sell a property in Australia, you must avoid common mistakes. You must be aware of the pitfalls that can cost thousands of dollars. Many things can go wrong if you’re not prepared well in advance.

So, in this article, we will cover the mistakes you must not commit while selling or buying a property. As you continue reading, you will also know more about what drives a person to make mistakes. 

What are the common mistakes home buyers must avoid?

Buying a particular house can be a daunting task. While you will be excited at first, the process involves many complexities. Hence, to help you prepare for a good purchase decision, here is the list of mistakes you must avoid. If you’re looking for legal advice before buying, get in touch with the Newcastle law firm.

Not doing sufficient research:

While you comprehend the finances and needs of your family, you must also analyse the assets. Moreover, you must also figure out the debts and seek approval for finances before searching for a house. As you know more about the houses in the vicinity, you must observe the location.

If you’re nurturing children, it’s important to find out about schools that offer remarkable education. You also have to check the modes of transport along with some amenities.

Choosing the wrong mortgage:

As you figure out how much you can afford to pay for the house, you must request the bank to approve the loan. But, in that case, you must not visit the bank’s website and use an online calculator to check how much loan the bank can sanction.

Instead, it would help if you approached an independent finance broker who can recommend many lenders. On the other hand, it’s pretty important to select the finance package carefully.

Being influenced by the trends in the market:

With basic needs in mind, you must never be influenced by market trends. If there’s a significant rise in the prices of the properties, then don’t wait till the price drops.

Besides, you must also not get confused with what the media broadcasts. If you are sure about your budget and have arranged for finances, then your decision must not depend on the current market condition.

What are the mistakes you must avoid while selling a property?

Like buying a property, selling your house can be a different affair. But, when you aim to sell the property quickly, you must fetch the right price. You will later be compelled to sell the property below the desired sale price in certain instances.

So, to avoid a worse scenario, here are some mistakes you must avoid.

Overpricing the property: 

Many individuals tend to increase the price of the property. While this can be a smart move, setting a high price will not work ahead. With a high sales price, you will lose potential buyers’ interest, and the buyers will divert their attention to similar properties with a lower price tag. In such a scenario, your house will not be sold in the market, and the buyers will later be under the impression that it’s worthless to buy the property.

Not marketing the property effectively:

As you decide on selling the property, marketing it in a different way matters most. If you’re not efficient in marketing, then you will not receive any offers. So, to entice the buyers, you can think about listing the property online. Subsequently, you can also use signage just outside the property. However, you should consider the modes of advertising, not the number of advertising platforms.

Not considering the hidden fees:

These days, it’s easy to overlook some of the involved costs in the sales process. You are bound to make such a mistake, especially when looking forward to gaining profit. But, when you come up with a realistic estimate, these expenses can equal thousands of dollars. So, when you consider the hidden fees, you have to consider the capital gain tax, the agent’s commission, the lender’s fees, and many other things.


To summarise, it’s always better to research before you buy any property. If you have a budget to buy the house, then ensure to approve the loan quickly. However, when selling a property, you should not increase its price significantly. In addition, you must market the property properly and consider the hidden fees. Apart from everything else, you must not get drifted away by the current market conditions.


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