March Madness Bracket Names: Funniest Names For Your 2022 Bracket 

Zags to riches. Zero ducks given. Cade in full. Out On Aleem. Are you wondering what you should name your March Madness bracket? Get ready to kick Aztecs with funny college names for March Madness. And, let’s face it. Last year’s Covid bubble felt more like March Sadness. However, this year is Full Metal Bracket! If you are looking for good bracket names or unique names for brackets no one else has, we have plenty of entertaining options, so Curbelo your enthusiasm.

From the top eight seeds to the winning champs, the 2022 NCAA Tournament teams have mad Sills. Here are the good, the bad, and the funniest college team names. Bennet there, done that!

Can You Get A Perfect March Madness Bracket? 

When it comes to getting in the Izzone, maybe your previous bracket picks had you shaking your head yelling, what more do Juwant from me? However, this year’s teams have the Wright stuff and nothing but net, or, all Noles in one. 

With no pandemic forks in Jerreaud (whew!), take a look at the crazy odds for an almost perfect bracket. While you may never get a perfect bracket in a million years, have fun with friends and enjoy the tournament. 

And, enough with the puns on March Madness bracket names and funny coach names (a Tad much?).  

March Madness Bracket Contests

The odds of predicting every match-up are mathematically impossible for probabilities. The odds of a perfect bracket are like 1 in 100+ billion. Talk about a Cinderella story! But do not let that stop you. With so many bracket challenge sites that let you sign-up for free, there are tons of contests and prizes, and the stakes are HUGE for the best bracket.

Here’s a March Madness Printable Bracket and a few tips to help you get started. Check out these helpful tips if you are looking for a March Madness bracket generator

How to Bet on the 2022 NCAA Tournament Betting Tips 

To avoid being a basket case, you need the best bracket strategy before you lay action on a favorite. Not only can you avoid premature ejection, but you can reach a Final Fourgasm and have a few buzzer beaters!

Here are some tips to help keep your Zion the prize:

Avoid Limited Odds

Avoid sticking to only one sportsbook or betting site as the odds vary. Shop around for lucrative money lines odds (they are not created equal).

Budget Your Bankroll

Set a budget of about 3% max for each game across the Sweet 16, Final Four odds, etc.. With plenty of cash to gamble with, get your money’s worth.

Skip Alma Maters

Only bet your college if it is among the best for all-time titles and appearances.

Study The Underdogs/Longshots

15-seeded underdogs can beat 2 seeds a lot (not in Kansas anymore), and underdog money line odds pay HUGE cash wins. 

Explore Payment Methods

Betting sites include credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and wires. However, withdrawals might be limited to cryptocurrencies and credit cards (instant), and cashiers’ checks and wires (a few days). 

Upcoming March Madness Dates

With 68 teams, a round of 64 men’s college basketball teams narrows to 32, then the Sweet 16, the Elite Eight, and the Final Four (Semifinals). Winners then play for the championship.

Mark your calendars and set your Tivo or DVR for these important dates. We are brack on track!

  • NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday: 6:00 pm on CBS March 13, 2022
  • First Four at UD Arena March 15-16, 2022
  • Round 1: March 17-18, 2022
  • Round 2: March 19-20, 2022
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25, 2022
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27, 2022
  • Final Four in New Orleans on April 2, 2022
  • NCAA Championship Game at Caesars Superdome April 4, 2022

Odds To Win 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Schools that have the most NCAA Tournament appearances: 

  • Kentucky: 58
  • North Carolina: 50
  • Kansas: 48
  • UCLA: 47
  • Duke: 43
  • Syracuse: 40

Teams with the most all-time championships:

  • UCLA: 11
  • Kentucky: 8
  • North Carolina: 6
  • Duke: 5
  • Indiana: 5
  • UConn: 4

Funny Bracket Names For March Madness

Maybe you searched online for the funniest NCAA tournament nicknames or clever bracket names. When it comes to making brackets great again, you might be surprised by these clever, crazy and insane brackets and team names.

Here are our favorites: 

Alabama Crimson Tide

Ballin’ Oates, Primo Picks, Quinerly Bird Gets The Worm, Tidal Wave

Arkansas Razorbacks

Hog Heaven, Moody Blues, Tate With Destiny, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Vanover

Baylor Bears

Baylor Made, Grin And Bear It, Just Drew It, Out Of Your Teague, Butler Did It

BYU Cougars

Cougar Town, Gaining Mormontum, One Shining Mormont, Payday Lohner

Creighton Bluejays

Ballock So Hard, That S*** Creigh(ton), Feelin’ Blue(jays), Show Me The Mahoney, ‘Reefer Madness

Colorado Buffaloes

Boyle-ing Hot, March Tadness, May The 4th Be With You, Sound The Horne

Florida Gators

Mann Up, King Of The Castleton, Appleby: Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood, Payne In The Ass

Florida State Seminoles

For Whom The Bell Noles, All About The Hamiltons, ‘Chips & Balsa, ‘Quan And Done 

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Going, Going, Gonzaga, Last Strawther, Yippee Ayayi, Mother******, Suggs And Kisses

Houston Cougars

Houston, We Have A Winner, Cougar Town, Run Of The Mills, Grimes & Punishment, Deeky Friday

Illinois Fighting Illini

E-I E-I A-Yo, Kofi Maker, Curbelo Your Enthusiasm, By Giorgi, I Think I Got It, Ain’t It Grandison

Iowa Hawkeyes

Fran Stan, Luka Who’s Talking, Mic Check, Tap The Keegan, Word To The Wieskamp 

Kansas Jayhawks

Yes We Kansas! Chalk Rocks, Self Esteem, Brains And Braun, Garretteed Satisfaction

Loyola-Chicago Ramblers

Ramblin’ Wreck Of a Bracket, Mean Sister Jean Machine, Sister Act II, Krutwiggin’ Out

LSU Tigers

Patiently Wade-ing, Glory Days, Turn Down For Watford, Pick Smart, Not Hard, LeBlanc Check

Maryland Terrapins

Turtle Power, Turgeon’s General Warning, Wiggins Out, Ayala Come Back Now, Ya Hear? Buy Low, Morsell High

Michigan State Spartans

In The Izzone, Bet The Hauser, Rockett Roll, MegaWatts, That’s Watts Up!

Michigan Wolverines

Big Game Hunters, Chaundeeeeeeee’s Nuts,  Livers & Let Die

Missouri Tigers

Mizzery Loves Company,  Say It Ain’t ‘Zo, Just How I Dru It Up, On Pinsons Needles, Buggsin’ Out

North Carolina Tar Heels

Love & Basketball, Lookin’ Sharpe, Make My Day’Ron, Long Armando Of The Law

Ohio State Buckeyes

And Justice For All, Bottomless MiMusas, Flip Your Liddell, Key To VIctory

Oklahoma Sooners

Get Off My Lon! Reavesdropping, Gaining Mo’Mentum, Sweet Umoja-tions, King Of The Hill

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Okie Dokie, Save A  Horse, Ride The Cowboys, Cade In Full, Most Likekele To Succeed, Boone Goes The Dynamite

Oregon Ducks

Mighty Ducks, Quack Attack, Zero Ducks Given, Work Of Duarte, Dante’s Inferno, I Got It All Figueroa’d Out

Purdue Boilermakers

This Is How We Purdue It, Spoilermakers, Go Hard In The Painter, Hello, Newman!

San Diego State Aztecs

Dutcher Ovens, Break Loose Of Your Schakels, Seiko Mode, Dinwiddie Banter

West Virginia Mountaineers

Huggins And Kisses, McNeil Before Me, Sherman’s March, A Bridges Too Far, Oscar-Winning Bracket

Tennessee Volunteers

Springer In My Step, To The Victors Go The Spoils, The Ives Have It, Incredible Fulk-erson

Texas Longhorns

Shaka To The System, Sims City, Cobra Kai, Coleman Coolers

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Run & Guns Up, Fear The Beard, Mac Attack, Ring Around The McCullar, Cobra Kyler

USC Trojans

Tahj Mahal, Evan Sent, To The Max, Shot Across The Baumann

Utah State Aggies

Arch Neemias, Bean There, Done That, Best Of The Worster, Kickin’ Ashworth

Villanova Wildcats

SuperNova, Wright On Time, Swider Web

Virginia Cavaliers

Hoo Done It, Bet The Hauser, Every Last Morsell, Real McKoys 

Wisconsin Badgers

Get Your Gard Up, A Ruevers Runs Through It, Once Bitten, Trice Shy, D’Mitrik Or Treat, Out On Aleem

Get Brack On Track!

By now, you can Huff, puff, and blow your bracket down with our funny March Madness bracket names. Unlike last year, there are no slim Picketts here with the mask mandates lifting. That Covid bubble was quite a Shaka to the system, but March Madness is back. While b-ball will be served upon a Santos-Silva platter, print your brackets, place your bets, and feel like the king of the Castleon

From the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four, it is Garretteed satisfaction if you nail the odds. Will you score a perfect bracket? Who knows! But for now, Mobley go where no man has gone before. Even if you wind up vowing to do your bracket in pencil next time, it made you Luka! There is always next year, or as some like to say, always a McBridesmaid, never a McBride. You get the idea.  

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