Is there an entity in your home and, if so, what to do?

Some people are convinced that their home is haunted… How do you know if there is an entity in your home? How to deal with the situation, or even remedy it? If you don’t have any idea about how to solve the situation, reading this article to the end is highly recommended.

Very often, it is the hypersensitive who have the ability to perceive certain things that most people do not perceive. A bit like a medium who scans a house in search of signs… These people naturally feel presences in so if you are hypersensitive, you already have an advantage over other people in picking up entities.

How do entities manifest?

If you feel cold currents moving around you, feel like you’re being watched, or feel someone’s gaze behind your back, there’s a good chance an entity is in your home. .

If the lights turn on by themselves or if the bulbs regularly snap, this too is a sign of haunting. Just as if the radio or the television turn on and off by themselves… But that’s not all. You may also smell strong smells of flowers or perfume spreading through different rooms in your home. Then, you can also hear doors slamming on their own without the slightest draft or heavy, powerful footsteps.

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Are the entities present only in very old houses? Or in new houses?

No, seniority is not a criterion, they are present in any type of dwelling. Ghosts are entities that have not had time to understand what has happened to them and are very attached to a home or to a person who lives there. There can be several ghosts in a house, from different eras, each with its own story. We can sometimes find 3 or 4 entities in the same place!

Are the entities benevolent or should we be afraid of them?

Do not be afraid of entities, they are harmless. I find, for my part, that they are often even nicer than the living. We must not forget that the entities are happy to be able to communicate and understand why they are there. Everything else is fiction, fantasy cinema.

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What to do to make an entity leave?

If you have managed to capture an entity in your home, burn a stick of white sage regularly while saying a prayer of your choice. In this prayer, ask the entity to rise to spiritual planes so as not to remain attached to the earthly world. This action will have the effect of helping the entity to leave your home because its true place is no longer on an earth plane.

But what if that doesn’t work? If that’s the case, asking a psychic for help is the best option. Psychic advice is what you need to get rid of the spiritual disturbances that haunt your home. Hopefully what has been explained above enriched your insight. Thanks for reading this article!

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