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Bantuan Presiden Productif for Usaha Micro, Kecil, and Menengah (BPUM)

Bantuan Presiden Productif for Usaha Micro, Kecil, and Menengah (BPUM) ditarget 760 ribu orang yang menjalankan usaha baru. BPUM, berdasarkan Pasal 1 angka 2 Peraturan Menteri Kooperasi dan UKM Nomor 6 Tahun 2022, diterbitkan BPUM.

BPUM is commonly referred to as SISMA BPUM or KUKM RI. Besides this, it is also known as Pokja BPUM. Despite the acronym, BPUM is a multifaceted term that has several subcategories and subdivisions. Besides being a popular name for the BPUM program, it is also a useful tool in business, politics, and personal finances.

The BPUM program is being implemented in various states of Indonesia. One of these states is Kedah, the capital city of Johor, which is home to the world’s largest mosque. UMKM, on the other hand, is a state-run organization that employs thousands of people. Its mission is to promote economic growth and create jobs for Indonesians. Despite its controversial nature, the program is a significant step towards promoting entrepreneurship and helping small businesses thrive.

BPUM is a common term for internet users. However, it can be used for people who are concerned about the security of their privacy. If they are using public computers or mobile phones, they should use secure networks. Pengguna refers to a person who uses the internet to access information. In other words, they use the internet to learn about new technologies. Besides, it is not a crime to use the internet.

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