How to use iontophoresis machine

Iontophoresis is a scientifically proven way to treat hyperhidrosis. Especially useful for Palmar hyperhidrosis, During the iontophoresis treatment, a medical device is used to pass a mild electrical current through the water while your affected body part is submerged in water. There are no significant or serious side effects, and the benefits are long-term when you maintain your treatment regularly. Results can be seen after 1-2weeks. There are various kind of iontophoresis machines (Such as Hidrex, Dermadry, Fischer, IontoDri etc.) on the market. Price from $200 to $1000. Using method didn’t have too much difference. But there is something the same need to be taken on board.

#Contraindications of iontophoresis treatment

Please note you must not use the device if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any medical implants in your body. Suspected or diagnosed heart problems. You can however, use the device, during a period in your life when you are breastfeeding.

#How to use Iontophoresis machine

Please check that the eletrode cables are connected to the eletrodes and to the machine. Make sure the charger is not connected to the machine. Some device such as IontoDri having a fixed (connected to the tray) electrode. So no need to connect eletrodes that make it easier to operate the device.

After this, pour water into the plastic containers. Make sure that the water covers the area you wish to treat and no more than that. Someone recommend add a teaspoon of salt into the water in each container to improve the electric conductivity. Don’t forget to remove all jewelry, piercings and clothing with metal details before starting treatment.

When you start the treatment, adjust the current or voltage. You should in crease the level of current or voltage until you feel discomfort and then lower the current or voltage just under this level. It should not hurt to perform the treatment. There are pulsed current and direct current machines available. Pulsed current is more comfortable while direct current is more efficiency.

There is no exact settings to suit everyone. We recommend that you systematically try different settings until you find what suits you.


To make sure you get the best result possible, we have come tips for you before you start your treatment.

No.1 If you have small wound, we recommend that you cover them with Vaseline, for example. This is because damaged skin has a lower resistance which makes the current higher in this area. You can also apply a layer of Vaseline on the skin at the waterline as the skin here can sometimes become irritated and itchy.

No.2 If you experience dry and cracked skin as a results of the treatment, you should moisturize the dry skin with cream, preferably several times daily. If your skin is too sweaty to use skin cream, you can use Vaseline.

No.3 If you feel that you are starting to reach the desired level of effects, try and perform the treatments more seldom. How often you need to perform them is very individual. Try and see what works best for you.

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