How To Select The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

When it comes to starting an online business, choosing a perfect domain name is one of the crucial steps for your business’s success. The domain name you choose is your digital address. It is your identity in the web world. A well-chosen domain name will surely help promote traffic to your site. Selecting a domain name is a lot more than just choosing a name that only fits your business. It is about marking your presence online in a huge sea of websites with an easy-to-find, memorize and spell domain name and thus promote your business in essence. If you are planning to purchase a domain or buy a domain and hosting plan, here are some of the key considerations to get the right one for your business.

·       Short, unique, and apt Domain name- Your domain name should be short and simple, easy to memorize, spell and type. If your domain name is long, there can be typos also, it can be harder to memorize. A smooth, catchy, crisp yet unique domain name can help create a long-lasting impression. Also, the domain name you select should give a clear idea about your brand and business to your users. So, your business name and what you want to sell should be prime considerations while finalizing your domain name. The right name will attract the right audience and thus increase brand recognition.

  • Domain extensions- When it comes to choosing a domain extension, a trustworthy and well-known TLD spells benefits. As we all know, the .com extension is popular, well-established, and credible as well. Furthermore, several smartphones even feature a “.com” key, and certainly, this makes it easy to type such domain names quickly. Though several extensions are available and eye-catching, being unique is not always better in this case. If in case the .com extension is not available, you can check some other well-known and decent alternatives such as .co or .net and .org. etc. Be careful while selecting options, and make sure to avoid unprofessional or untrustworthy ones.
  • No hyphens, numbers, and doubled letters- avoid using hyphens, double letters, or numbers, as Domain names featuring these elements might confuse your users and can lead to typos and land them at the wrong website address. So, it is better not to confuse users with a messy and hard-to-read domain name.
  • Use keywords wisely- Surely, including SEO keywords can be beneficial. However, it is essential to be keen as it actually hurts your brand. Use only one or two keywords. Do not stuff too many keywords, as spammy websites can drive visitors away from your website. Brainstorm the keywords and create something appropriate using a brand name and apt SEO keyword.

·       Selecting the right domain registrar to buy domain – Once you find a name you like, it’s time to buy it. For this, you will require a domain registrar. Several registrars are out in the market that sell domains. However, several companies offering the best hosting in India also offer domain registration services. If you buy a domain and hosting, things can be easy for you. You can check and buy a hosting plan and a domain name at the same time and enjoy manifold benefits.

Remember, domains are affordable and easy to register; however, as your domain name is the essential component of your website, choosing the right one indeed needs sufficient thought and consideration.

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