How To Get The Most Out Of Cushions In Your Home

Cushions are things that most of us have in our homes, and even if we don’t necessarily use them, they can look very attractive scattered around a space, brightening it up and adding an affordable but effective design feature.

But are there things we could be doing to make more of our cushions, or tips we can follow when choosing them? Let’s take a closer look:

Things to avoid when selecting cushions

Care and consideration should be given to choosing the right kind of cushions for a space, and below are some things to avoid when choosing and using them:

  • While you might think that brightly coloured cushions are always effective from a design standpoint, this isn’t necessarily always the case. For instance, if you have a very pale space decorated in light, neutral colours, bright cushions can create too stark a contrast, and be more of an assault for the eyes than a treat.
  • You should also try to avoid having cushions that are made out of the same fabric as the sofa or armchair you’re using them on. This is a big design faux pas!
  • Avoid cheap cushion inserts that won’t be comfortable to use, and which won’t sit well on a piece of furniture. Remember that cushions are a luxury, and so the type of insert you choose is very important in helping to give the cushion a luxurious look and feel.

Things to do when selecting cushions

Even if your cushions are only going to be used as décor, they should never be an afterthought and should always be chosen for comfort, just in case you or someone else does want to use them one day. Here are some other things to keep in mind when choosing cushions:

  • Always try to achieve balance with the colours and size of your cushions, for example, dark coloured cushions should be placed at the back, and patterned and lighter cushions should go towards the front. Play around with scale too, and try to avoid having too many cushions of the same size in one display.
  • If patterns aren’t your thing, try experimenting with textures, trims and colours instead.
  • If your sofa or armchairs are plain, and you’ve got a brightly coloured rug or carpet as a contrast, then try to move away from colour themes in your cushions, and opt for different textures or sheens instead.
  • A few good quality cushions is always better than lots of cheaper ones.
  • If you plan to use cushions outside, in your garden, next to your pool or on your patio or decking, always make sure your cushion covers will stand up to being left outside. Nobody wants to move cushions from inside to outside every time they need them, so it’s worth investing in some attractive but durable cushions specifically for outdoor use. Waterproof covers are an ideal way to prevent you from having to tear around in the rain, picking up cushions and throwing them under cover, then waiting for them to dry out before you can use them again.

Cushions can be such an effective and affordable way of bringing colour, style and comfort to a space, indoor or out, that it’s no surprise so many different variations exist. To find your perfect cushion, browse our extensive collection online, and give careful thought to the points mentioned above.

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