How to eat caviar properly

Have you finally decided to buy caviar online , but have many questions about serving and proper consumption? Experienced gourmets know what to do to feel the whole bouquet of flavors and to reveal its best side. Even newcomers buying this delicacy for the first time can take advantage of their advice.

It was a bit difficult to make up the rules of the traditional caviar service. The reason is the lack of necessary information. Previously, only wealthy aristocrats, who had the means to purchase it, could taste the exquisite spawn. The widespread availability of the product led to a spread of rules among new buyers of the delicacy.

Eating etiquette

The unique taste of hard roe attracts gourmets. Following the key rules will avoid disappointment, so it’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with it. Bester Caviar buyers insist that it is not necessary to adhere to all the recommendations at all. There are a few tips that will help you enjoy your meal:

  • serve caviar properly means that the dish should be pre-cooled;
  • you should use a pearlized spoon to preserve the texture;
  • there is no need to chew the caviar, because this will not reveal the bouquet of flavor.

The spawn should be eaten in small portions for better revealing of the flavors. The optimal amount is two spoons (2 ounces). The period of storage of quality caviar is no more than 24 hours. Avoid freezing completely, as this will affect the flavor of the product.

What to serve with caviar

There are several ways to serve caviar, and each of them contributes to a new experience in the process of consumption. To choose the best one, there are nuances to keep in mind:

  • the combination of hard roe and champagne or vodka allows to reveal the taste;
  • the preparation of snacks involves the use of a minimum of spices;
  • the proper way to eat caviar does not involve chewing.

The best way to taste fish products is to gradually increase the temperature. In this way, the aroma and bouquet of flavors can be revealed.

Caviar serving temperature

The correct technique of how to serve black caviar involves following some important rules. First of all, the product must be cooled to freezing temperature, avoiding the formation of crusts on the surface. This negatively affects the taste of the exquisite dish.

To serve it, use glassware and avoid metal bowls. Caviar easily “adopts” the metallic flavor and loses its recognition. An additional bowl of ice is used to maintain the set temperature.

Traditional caviar service

Proper serving implies unique serving utensils. The main components of the service are a spoon, an caviar bowl (plate) and an additional bowl for cooling the dish. To avoid mistakes, take note of the following tips:

  1. Material of production. Tableware for serving hard roe is made of porcelain, plastic, glass and other materials. This helps to preserve the original flavor and aroma.
  2. Avoid contact with surfaces. Taste of utensil materials can penetrate the eggshell’s thin membrane and spoil its flavor. Avoid direct contact with wood or metal.
  3. Take care to have your own set. Serving utensils significantly affect the way you feel, but you can take care of the pleasure you get. For this reason, it is well worth familiarizing yourself with the rules of serving in advance.

Every action will affect the result, so the instructions on how to eat caviar properly are a must to follow.

How to eat caviar and vodka

To answer the question of how to eat caviar and vodka, you must pay attention to the quality of the product. A subtle delicate taste is characteristic for quality caviar, so it is perfectly combined with a strong alcoholic beverage. It is recommended to choose odorless alcohol and additives (pepper, honey and others) to disclose the bouquet of flavors.

In this way, it is possible to reveal the qualities of sturgeon hard roe, and enjoy each exquisite note. Tips on how to serve caviar and vodka do not differ much from the traditional rules.

The serving temperature, table setting and other aspects remain the same, but the taste of the appetizer may seem completely unfamiliar. Consuming spawn with other foods helps to reveal a new bouquet of flavors.

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