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New Haryana State Department of Public Safety has taken legal action against five Internet Service Providers in the state for refusing to take down links which allegedly circulated the “Hollywood” style pirated movies in their servers. The movie download sites were accused of linking to “unlawful” sites, of which they deny. New Haryana State Attorney General Subodh Chandra Kumar has threatened charges of contempt of court and harassment for the ISPs for continuing to operate while the case was pending. This is the first instance of state taking legal action against a commercial Internet service provider for refusing to carry out the illegal activity.

The complaint was filed in January this year, and after many weeks the search was finally completed on the alleged websites. The state did not make any public announcement or add any public links to the offending websites. It took almost a year just to get this one movie downloaded legally from one of these new Haryanvi movie download sites. Now the same movie can only be found at a handful of movie download sites and all the other studios have pulled their movie from all of their websites.

One of the most unfortunate things for the public and for the state of New Haryana, is that they didn’t even know that these sites were illegal. All they knew is that the law clearly states that you can download or view movies at your own risk, whether that is from an authorized site or not. They also clearly stated that you can buy a movie at any time and with you, so this haryanvi movie download case has implications for everyone who likes to download movies illegally.

There are a few ways you can download a movie legally from one of the sites in New Haryana. You can buy a movie legally through iTunes, or any of the major movie download services like Amazon or iTunes. If you do this you should use a site that offers a money back guarantee. You can then download the movie, play it on your computer or watch it in other media players that support this format.

On other sites that offer movies through downloads there are options for buying movies through the site as well. If you choose to buy a movie through one of these sites you should get an offer that lets you download the movie for free. This is a great option if you only need a movie once and want to make sure you don’t have to pay a dime to download it to your computer.

However, if you choose to download a movie through one of the many New Haryanvi movie download services you will have to pay a nominal fee. New Haryanvi offers movies in different genres including comedy, action, family, drama, thriller, science fiction and many more. The prices vary by the size of the movie itself and you may be able to download several free titles to test out the service before you decide to become a paying member.

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