The Ultimate Guide to Applying for a Long-Term Resident Visa

The Long-term Resident or LTR visa enables visa holders to stay in Thailand for ten years. You can get an LTR visa for five years, but you can renew it once and stay in this land for ten years. In addition, the LTR visa will help with income tax reductions and a work permit. 

An LTR visa is worth considering when the objective is to stay in Thailand for the long term. It attracts high-potential foreigners who want to relocate to Thailand. Interested and qualified persons can pay a one-time fee and live for ten years in the Land of Smiles.

Eligibility Criteria

There will be specific eligibility requirements to apply for a long-term resident visa in Thailand. High-income foreign nationals can apply for an LTR visa. 

Investors, retirees, working nomads, and highly skilled professionals apply for an LTR visa. However, they will need a few documents, including a valid passport, a confirmation letter, proof of travel itinerary and funds, and work evidence or proof of relationship with a Thai national. Also, they will have to pay the embassy fee during the application process.

Wealthy foreign nationals or interested investors can apply for this visa. However, they must invest in government bonds to get persimmon for a long-term stay. The minimum investment needs to be USD 500,000. The minimum income requirement is USD 80,000 for the previous two years, and the assets need to be USD 1 million.

The eligible retirees must be fifty years or above and provide a financial document showing the required investment in Thai Government bonds. Also, they will have to show pension and annual income documents. There will be three categories for working nomads. They will have to show proof of income, and the same goes for highly skilled professionals.

Living and Working in the Country

The LTR visa is for those who want to stay for long-term in Thailand. It will allow visa holders to live in the Land of Smiles for ten years. Also, the Thai cabinet has made the process easier for those interested in the LTR visa. In May 2022, the cabinet approved the LTR visa and made it possible for those who cannot afford one. Now, you can get tax reduction benefits when staying in Thailand. You can work with your visa as well.

If you work in specific fields required by the country, you can also get 17% flat personal income tax benefits. The visa will enable the visa holders and four dependents to live in Thailand. Yes, you can bring your spouse and children, work, and live with your family. Since the visa will be only for five years, you can renew it once and live for ten years. 

Thailand visa policies keep updating. You can check the updates, protect your interests, and avoid complications when staying in this country.


A Long-term Resident Visa can enable you to stay for an extended period and work without feeling restricted. Wealthy investors, retirees, working nomads, and highly skilled professionals can qualify for this visa. However, they need to know the requirements and process. Go ahead if you want to relocate to the Land of Smiles.

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